10 Beautiful Beach Onsen & Ocean View Hot Springs in Japan

Osaka-Ya Hiina No Yu - Ocean View Onsen Near Beach

The idea of visiting a beach onsen in Japan had never crossed my mind – until recently. After I experienced that going to an onsen in summer is more enjoyable and less crazy than you might think, I decided that I want to combine my relaxing soak in a hot spring with a nice view of the ocean. And oh my gosh! There are so many beautiful beach onsens in Japan! But as long as you don’t know any Japanese they are really hard to find. So I have decided to write my own beach onsen guide for you.

In this guide, you won’t find the most beautiful beach onsens in Japan, because you probably don’t have enough time to travel to remote places and islands during your visit. Instead, you will find the 10 most beautiful beach onsens near TokyoOsaka, and Kyoto plus a few other hot spring gems that I just had to mention.

All beach hot springs mentioned here are gender-separated and with ocean views. Even if I don’t state it explicitly. I tried to focus on hot springs that you can visit as a day trip, but in order to take a bath in one of the last 3 onsen spas, you actually have to stay overnight. So as a bonus, I have added 2 natural ocean hot springs that are free!

Beautiful Beach Onsen For a Day Trip

1. Kamogawa Grand Hotel (Near Tokyo)

Kamogawa Grand Hotel - Beach Onsen

Location: Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture

General Information: Kamogawa Grand Hotel (鴨川グランドホテル) is a 4-star resort hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The hotel is located on the east side of Chiba’s Boso Peninsula, which is famous for its beaches and waves and therefore popular among surfers.

From Tokyo, it will take you about 2 – 3 hours to get to the hotel and its hot springs. You can either take the Wakashio Limited Express Train, which is covered by the JR Pass, or the Aqua-Line Express Bus.

Beach Onsen Spa: During the day from 14:00 until 22:00 o’clock the hotel opens its onsen facilities, Umi no Kairou, to non-staying guests. So you can come here for a day trip from Tokyo and enjoy its large open spa facilities which face the beach and the Pacific Ocean. They feature an outdoor bath, an open-air bath encircled with stones, two indoor baths, and a sauna.

The water for these baths comes from 3 different hot springs which provide a variety of benefits like easing nerve pain, joint pain, and rheumatism. Of course, the onsen is gender separated.

Private Onsen: You can also rent one of their 2 private outdoor onsens. The first one is the one you can see in the picture facing the ocean. It is 3,000円 (about $30 or 25€) for 45 minutes. Their other private hot spring is a Kyoto-inspired Bengara-style bath next to pine trees. This one is a little bit cheaper, but no ocean view. It costs 2,500円 (about $25 or 20€) for 45 minutes.

Access: 13 minutes from Awa-Kamogawa Station

Price: 1,600円 (about $15 or 15€)

Website: www.kgh.ne.jp/04 (Japanese, but translation button available on desktop page)

2. Akazawa Onsen Resort & Spa (Near Tokyo)

Akazawa Onsen Resort & Spa - Hot Springs Tattoos OK

Location: Izu Kogen, Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture

General Information: Akazawa Onsen Resort & Spa (赤沢温泉郷) is a beautiful onsen hotel located in Izu Kogen in Shizuoka Prefecture. Izu Kogen is a nature paradise right in the middle of the Izu Peninsula. It is just a bit further south of the famous onsen towns Ito and Atami and a bit further north of Kawazu, one of the earliest cherry blossom viewing spots in eastern Japan. The nature paradise is famous for the jaggy Jogasaki coast, and Mount Omura, a cute volcano covered in grass.

From Tokyo, it will take you about 2 – 3 hours to get here. Since the JR Pass only covers the trip until Ito, you will have to pay an additional 940円 (about $10 or 10€) for the bus to the onsen.

The Onsen Spa: Akazwa Onsen’s bath facilities are absolutely amazing with a huge variety of pools and tubs. Definitely one of the most beautiful and best onsen spas I have seen near Tokyo. The onsen features 2 outdoor baths, indoor baths with a jacuzzi, stone tub baths, and wooden barrel baths. I especially love the outdoor baths. They are infinity pools that are 25 meters and 20 meters long. So you can enjoy a stunning panorama view of Shizuoka’s beautiful coastline while soaking in the hot spring.

As a day guest, you can visit the onsen from 10:00 – 22:00. The last entry is at 21:00, but I recommend you to come here as early as you can and enjoy the onsen the whole day.

And great news for those of you with a tattoo: This onsen welcomes guests with tattoos!

Access: 1 hour by bus from Ito Station or 16 minutes from Izu-Kogen Station

Price: 1,600円 (about $15 or 15€)

Website: www.izuakazawa.jp

3. Ginpaso (Near Osaka & Kyoto)

Ako Onsen - Ginpaso - Onsen Town Near Kyoto and Osaka

Location: Ako Onsen, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture

General Information: Ginpaso (銀波荘) is one of the most recommended and highest-rated Beach Onsen Ryokan in the Kansai region. It is located between Okayama and Himeji at the tip of Ako Misaki. From the small peninsula, you have a panorama view of Japan’s beautiful Seto Inland Sea and Shodoshima Island. On clear days you can even see as far as Shikoku.

From Himeji, you can get to Ginpaso Hot Spring in about 1 hour. From Osaka and Kyoto, it takes about 2.5 – 3 hours if you take the Shinkansen.

The Onsen Spa: Ginpaso’s onsen facilities and outdoor baths are just incredible. Since their open-air hot spring baths are facing the sea there are no glass panes and you can fully enjoy the panorama view over the Seto Inland Sea. The view is actually so good that it is among the top 100 top views in Japan.

The hot spring facilities feature 2 outdoor baths and 2 large indoor baths with different tubs and pools. As with most hot springs, the bathing area is gender-separated, and so which bathing area you can use, depends on the time. As a visitor you can bathe here from 11 – 20 o’clock on a weekday, and from 11 – 14:30 and 18 – 20 o’clock on weekends and national holidays.

Also, please be aware that every first Monday of the month the bath opens a bit later at 15 o’clock because of maintenance.

Access: 30 minutes by bus from Banshū-Akō Station

Price: 1,800円 (about $18 or 15€) for 2 hours

Website: www.ginpaso.co.jp

4. Shimoda Prince Hotel (Near Tokyo)

Shimoda Hot Springs - Shimoda Prince Hotel - Hot Spring With Ocean Views Near Tokyo

Location: Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture

General Information: Shimoda Prince Hotel (下田プリンスホテル) is a 3-star hotel located on Shizuoka’s Izu Peninsula. The whole peninsula is famous for its beautiful coastline and jagged cliffs. But especially the port city Shimoda is a popular spot for marine sports and famous for its white sand beach, Shirahama.

From Tokyo, you can get here in about 2 – 3 hours. Unfortunately, the JR Pass only covers the trip until Ito, but the additional fee is just about 1,500円 (about $15 or 15€).

Beach Onsen Spa: As a non-staying guest you can visit the hotel’s onsen facilities from 13:00 – 18:00 o’clock. On Tuesday and Thursday only from 15:00 – 18:00 o’clock, though. The business hours are fairly short compared to the other hot springs but believe me, that’s more than enough because you will also want to spend time on the beach.

From the hot tub, you can look through a single 10-meter glass pane and enjoy the superb view of Shirahama, the Pacific Ocean, and the Izu Islands. The water comes from the Shimoda hot spring which can help to ease nerve pain, muscular pain, bruises, and sprains.

Access: 12 minutes by bus from Izukyu-Shimoda Station

Price: 1,200円 (about $12 or 10€)

Website: www.princehotels.com/shimoda

5. Irago Ocean Resort (Near Nagoya)

Irago Ocean Resort - Onsen With Ocean View

Location: Tahara, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture

General Information: Irago Ocean Resort (伊良湖オーシャンリゾート) is a 3-star hotel located on the end of Aichi’s Atsumi Peninsula. The peninsula is known for its spring weather all year round due to a warm current offshore. Its warm climate and white sand beaches make it a popular destination for sea bathing and other marine activities.

From Nagoya city, the hotel is less than 150 kilometers away, but access isn’t easy. You need a car or you need to take the bus from Toyohashi Station. When you stay at the hotel you can use their free shuttle bus.

Beach Onsen Spa: From Irako View Hotel’s onsen spa you can overlook the beautiful Koijigahama Beach from 100 meters above sea level. The gender-separated spa features 8 baths: an open-air hot spring bath, and several indoor baths including pot baths, a seasonal bath, and a jacuzzi. Of course, it also features a sauna.

The onsen water comes all the way from a natural hot spring in Gifu Prefecture. It is said that this spring has the same beauty effects and health benefits as the spring from the famous hot spring town of Gero Onsen. As a visitor, you can enjoy the onsen facilities from 13:00 – 23:00 o’clock.

Private Onsen: The Onsen spa has 2 private hot spring baths. They are a bit small but with beautiful ocean views. You can rent them for 3,300円 (about $30 or 30€) for 45 minutes any time between 13:30 – 22:30.

Access: Public access is limited, best by car or shuttle bus

Price: 1,600円 (about $15 or 15€)

Website: https://irago-ocean-resort.com

6. Michitekuru Kokoro No Yado Kichimu (Near Tokyo)

Michitekuru Kokoro No Yado Kichimu - Beach Onsen With Ocean View

Location: Kominato Onsen, Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture

General Information: Michitekuru Kokoro No Yado Kichimu (満ちてくる心の宿 吉夢) is a 3-star hotel located on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. It is 2 stations further north of Kamogawa city and belongs to the Kominato Hot Springs overlooking Uchiura Bay.

From Tokyo, you can get here in 2 – 3 hours by train (JR Wakashio Limited Express Train, JR Sotobo Line) or by bus (Keisei Kousoku Bus from Tokyo or Hamatsucho Station towards Katsura, Onjuku, Awa Kominato).

The Onsen Spa: This hot spring spa has 3 outdoor baths and 2 different indoor pools. Which bath can be used by men and which bath can be used by women depends on the time. From 15:00 – 19:00 o’clock men have access to the public bath with one more outdoor bath. While women can use the bigger spa for the rest of the day (19:30 – 24:00 and 5:00 – 10:00).

There are always 2 outdoor baths and 1 indoor bath available for each gender, though. Since the spa is located on the 9th and 10th floor you have beautiful views over the bay. As a day guest, you can usually visit the onsen from 13:30 until 17:00 o’clock.

Private Onsen: On the rooftop, there is also a private hot spring bath that you can rent for an additional fee. The fee is 2,000円 (about $20 or 20€) for 45 minutes.

Access: 18 minutes from Awa-Kominato Station

Price: 1,200円 (about $12 or 10€) for 2 hours

Website: www.kichimu.com (English available in footer)

7. Osaka-Ya Hiina No Yu (Near Osaka & Kyoto)

Osaka-Ya Hiina No Yu - Ocean View Onsen Near Beach

Location: Kada, Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture

General Information: Osaka-Ya Hiina No Yu (大阪屋 ひいなの湯) is a 3-star hotel located along the coast of Kada, the westernmost part of Wakayama Prefecture. From Kansai airport, you can get to the hotel in about 90 minutes. From Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara it will take you about 2 – 3 hours to the Hiina no Yu Onsen Hotel.

You also have good access to the beautiful Shirahama beach further south in Wakayama Prefecture. It will take less than 3 hours to get there from the hotel. So it is a really good base for side trips in the Kansai area.

The Onsen Spa: From 11:00 – 14:30 and from 15:00 – 19:00 o’clock the hotel opens its onsen facilities to non-staying guests. In comparison to some of the other featured onsens here, they aren’t very big. They have a basic indoor bathing facility and 2 small outdoor baths overlooking the ocean. One of their outdoor baths looks like a boat which is cool, though, and they also provide you with a free brown sugar syrup drink made by the lady of the house.

This probably isn’t the best beach onsen on my list, but it is kinda romantic, and one of the closest to Osaka.

Private Onsen: Hiina no Yu also has a private hot spring bath that you can rent for 3,000円 (about $30 or 25€). The time you can use it is the same as for the other onsens: 45 minutes. Personally, I wouldn’t rent this private onsen, because for the same price you can get actually get better ones elsewhere.

Access: 18 minutes from Kada Station

Price: 1,200円 (about $12 or 10€)

Website: www.hiina.com

Beautiful Beach Onsen to Stay

8. INFINITO HOTEL & SPA Nanki Shirahama

NFINITO HOTEL & SPA Nanki Shirahama - Beach Onsen Near Osaka

Location: Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture

General Information: INFINITO HOTEL & SPA Nanki Shirahama (インフィニート ホテル&スパ 南紀白浜) is a 5-star hotel in the south of Wakayama Prefecture about 3.5 hours away from Osaka. The resort town and its top tourist attraction Shirahama Beach are well-known all over Japan. Among many Japanese and foreign guests, Shirahama is considered one of Japan’s top 3 beaches.

Beach Onsen Spa: The history of this onsen is similarly impressive. It is stated in ancient literature and has been visited by 4 different emperors and you will immediately know why once you enter the bathing facilities. The outdoor baths, the indoor baths, the mysterious Subaru bath, and the views over the white sand beach of Shirahama and the ocean are breathtakingly beautiful.

As a guest, you can soak in the magnificent baths from 5:00 – 11:00 and from 15:00 – 01:00 o’clock at night. The few hours you can’t enjoy the baths you should spend at Shirahama Beach.

Access: 14 minutes from Sogen no Yu Station

Stay: From 25,000円 (about $200 or 200€). I know this is expensive, but check out the hotel. Everything about it is just amazing. And don’t forget that the emperor himself took a bath in this luxury onsen.

Website: www.hotel-infinito.co.jp

9. Kameya Rakan (Near Tokyo)

Kameya Rakan - Beautiful Beach Onsen Japan

Location: Ito Onsen, Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture

General Information: Kameya Rakan (かめや楽寛) is a 3-star hotel located in Shizuoka’s famous hot spring town Ito. Due to its accessibility from Tokyo, Ito is one of the most popular and established onsen towns in the area. It will only take you 90 minutes to come here. So it makes for the perfect day trip from Tokyo or Yokohama.

Kameya Rakan is overlooking Ito Orange Beach and Sagami Bay. Even though it is not an official onsen ryokan it and its Japanese-style rooms definitely look like one.

The Onsen Spa: Kameya Ryokan’s gender-separated public indoor bath is not so special, to be honest. One of them has large windows from where you can see the Amagi Mountains and the cute volcano Mt. Omuro in the distance. But it only offers views of the city and not the ocean.

There are 2 separate bathing areas, Galaxy and Shinkai. The Galaxy bath can be used by men from 14:00 until 1:30 at night and by women from 2:00 until 10:00 in the morning. For Shinkai, it is the other way around.

Private Onsen: The real highlight and the reason why I recommend you to stay at Kameya Ryokan are its private baths! The hotel has 4 types of private outdoor baths and a family bath that can be rented for free! Or rather their usage is included in your room charge. 2 of the outdoor baths are located on the rooftop, while the other 2 onsens are located on the 3rd floor. All of them but especially the rooftop baths Manten No Yu offer magnificent views of Sagami Bay.

If you want to use the family bath you can use it whenever you want and how often you want as long as it isn’t occupied by someone else. For the 4 outdoor baths, you have to make a reservation and you can use them once for 45 minutes without additional costs. The hotel also offers the possibility to rent the bath for 90 minutes. However, that’s only possible after 18:00 o’clock and for an additional fee.

Access: 5 minutes from Ito Station

Stay: From 4,000円 (about $40 or 35€).

Website: www.kameyarakan.com

10. Kamogawa Spa Hotel Mikazuki (Near Tokyo)

Kamogawa Spa Hotel Mikazuki - Beach Onsen Near Tokyo

Location: Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture

General Information: Kamogawa Spa Hotel Mikazuki (鴨川 スパ ホテル 三日月) is a 3-star hotel located in Kamogawa City on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. The hotel features a spa area that you can also visit as a non-staying guest, but the onsen facilities are currently only open for staying guests.

From Tokyo take the JR Wakashion Limited Express Train and transfer to the JR Sotobo Line in order to get here in 2 – 3 hours. Or take the Keisei Kousoku Bus from Tokyo Station or Hamatsucho Station towards Katsura, Onjuku, and Awa Kominato.

The Onsen Spa: Once you see the hotel’s hot spring facilities you will be amazed! The onsen spa is located on the 10th floor, 35 meters above sea level, and offers panoramic views of the bay area. It is not your typical traditional wooden onsen, but a modern spa with a huge variety of indoor and outdoor hot spring baths and a sauna.

I just love the incredible views you have from all of the outdoor baths. You can take a bath from 15:00 – 24:00 o’clock and from 6:00 – 9:00 o’clock in the morning. The sauna is available until 21:00 o’clock and the outdoor baths are open until 23:00 o’clock.

Access: 9 minutes from Awa-Kominato Station

Stay: From 15,000円 (about $140 or 130€)

Website: www.mikazuki.co.jp/kamogawa

Bonus Beach Onsen – Free

Hirauchi Kaichu Natural Onsen (平内海中温泉) – This is a natural sea onsen located at the southern tip of Yakushima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. This unique hot spring gushes out of the ocean. Twice a day during ebb tide you can take a bath here.

Yudomari Hot Spring (湯泊温泉) – This is another natural sea onsen located near Hirauchi Kaichu Natural Onsen. However, the hot spring gushes out of the beach and so you can soak 24/7. Women are allowed to wear a bathing suit here.

You can enter both natural sea onsens for free. However, it is appreciated if you donate 100円 or 200円.

Recommended Onsen Towns For Beach Onsen

While I was looking for beautiful beach onsens, I found more than 200 lovely onsen ryokans and hot spring hotels that I could have recommended in this post. I also got to know so many small hot spring towns that I have never heard of before. So if you are ever looking for a beach onsen again, check out these onsen towns near the sea. You will find countless beautiful beach onsens and hot springs with an ocean view.

  1. Shirahama Onsen (Wakayama Prefecture)
  2. Shimoda Onsen (Shizuoka Prefecture)
  3. Ibusuki Onsen (Kagoshima Prefecture)
  4. Shimabara Onsen (Nagasaki Prefecture)
  5. Nishiura Onsen (Aichi Prefecture)
  6. Toba Onsen (Mie Prefecture)
  7. Katsuura Onsen (Chiba Prefecture)
  8. Juraki Onsen (Okinawa Prefecture)
  9. Yunokawa Onsen (Hokkaido Prefecture)
  10. Ito Onsen (Shizuoka Prefecture)
  11. Shodo Shima Onsen (Kagawa Prefecture)
  12. Amakusa Matsushima Onsen (Kumamoto Prefecture)
  13. Miyahama Onsen (Hiroshima Prefecture)
  14. Kaike Onsen (Tottori Prefecture)
  15. Hagihonjin Onsen (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
  16. Asamushi Onsen (Aomori Prefecture)
  17. Oga Onsen (Akita Prefecture)
  18. Matsushima Onsen (Niigata Prefecture)
  19. Himi Onsen (Toyama Prefecture)
  20. Sumoto Onsen (Hyogo Prefecture)

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