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Tatsuya DIAURA 達也 Member Profile Birthday Age Height Weight

Tatsuya, or 達也, is best known as a member of the visual kei band DIAURA. The bright and optimistic drummer was born on March 28 in Tochigi Prefecture. He officially joined DIAURA in April 2013 after being the band’s support drummer for nearly 11 months.

But do you know for how many bands he’s been drumming before?

It’s actually quite a few! With the help of Tatsuya’s personal interviews and many other resources, I’ve created this page and his member profile.

Below you’ll find Tatsuya’s birthday, age, height, fun facts, and many pics.

So let’s get to know more about DIAURA‘s drummer Tatsuya!

Tatsuya’s Member Profile

Stage Name: 達也
In Hiragana: たつや
In Romaji: Tatsuya
Real Name: unknown

Birthday: March 28, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture

Age: 32 (2020)
 172cm (5’6″)
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @drumsTatsuya
Instagram: diaura_drums_tatsuya
New Blog: ameblo.jp/diaura-tatsuya
Old Blog: ameblo.jp/ronove-tatsuya


About Tatsuya

達也 – DIAURA’s Drummer Tatsuya

達也 DIAURA Kanji Sign


Reading, taking baths, cooking, growing veggies


Sweets and desserts, sweet drinks like strawberry milk, other cute things like Disney’s Lilo or Sanomaru-kun, smoking SEVENSTARS DEEP MENTHOL


Sour and bitter things

Tatsuya Listens To

LUNA SEA, Laputa, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Hi-STANDARD, PENPALS, 175R, Mongol800, Kuroyume, SADS, Dragon Ash, Snail Ramp, Green Day, The Offspring, JUDY AND MARY, globe

Band History

DIAURA (since 2013), POPCORE, Ronove, 楽團孤独, DIS★Marionette, まりお★ねっと, LERISE

Tatsuya’s Name

Tatsuya’s stage name is usually written in Kanji 達也 (たつや).

(Kun: -たち, On: タツ, ダ) means accomplished, reach, arrive, attain.

(Kun: なり、 か、 また, On: ヤ、 エ) means to be (classical).

Tatsuya has been using this name since his first band so this is just a coincidence. Nonetheless, I thought it’s funny that the Japanese word 達人 (tatsujin – tatsu is the same Kanji as in his name 達) means master, expert.

Maybe it was predestined?

I also just read that when he started playing drums for DIAURA, Tatsuya used the name 龍耶-tatsuya-. 龍 means “dragon” and 耶 means “question mark” (???).

I couldn’t find any information about Tatsuya’s real name, so this still seems to be a secret.

Tatsuya’s Birthday & Age

As you can see on DIAURA‘s official profile page Tatsuya’s birthday is on March 28. Therefore his zodiac sign is Aries – one of the fire signs.

I found numerous resources that said that he is born in 1988. However, none of them explained how they got to know Tatsuya’s age. Besides that, I also found someone in a forum saying that he is born in 1991.

So what’s Tatsuya’s real age?

So here are the facts. In Tatsuya’s ROCK AND READ 055 interview he said that after graduating from high school he went to music school in Tokyo.

In Japan, the school year starts in April and ends in March. Tatsuya was born on March 28, so he entered elementary school right after he turned 6 and graduated when he was 17/18.

I checked a few music schools in Tokyo and their professional drum courses are 2 years. So Tatsuya probably finished music school in March when he was about to turn 20 years old.

His first band LERISE and Tatsuya as their drummer were officially announced on September 10, 2007. If we assume that this was after graduating from music school that would mean that he was 20 at that time. And that would mean that he was born in 1987.

However, that he joined the band after graduating is just an assumption, of course. Maybe he joined them in his last year of music school before graduating? Then he was still 19 and he would be born in 1988.

Also, LERISE are actually around since April 2005 and released their first single in April 2006. Maybe it was with a different line-up, maybe it was a project as part of music school – I have no idea.

We have one more hint, though! Tatsuya also said that he is 1 year older than Shoya.
So when I write about Shoya we will get new clues!

According to the Japanese Wikipedia page, Tatsuya went to ESP Musical Academy. This musical school’s drum course is 2 years.

Tatsuya’s Height & Weight

In his Ronove blog, he answered the question by himself. In his post from September 06, 2012, Tatsuya said that he is approximately 172 cm tall. That’s 5.6 feet. He also added, “I’m not that tall”.

I have no information about Tatsuya’s weight. Probably he didn’t reveal it. However, the last time I saw him (DIAURA x DEZERT live on February 01, 2020, at 新宿BLAZE) he looked very thin.

Tatsuya’s Character

His band members describe Tatsuya as funny, childish, innocent, charming and sweet, optimistic and positive thinking, straight forward and diligent.

When he was younger Tatsuya was a little bit shy, though. He didn’t dare to talk to girls he liked and he also didn’t like to greet people.

In high school, he wanted to change and so he got a little bit more rebellious.
But at that time he also easily lost his temper.

Tatsuya’s Looks

Tatsuya’s First DIAURA Look

DIAURA Dr. 達也 Visual Kei Look 2013 Sirius Lily

After officially becoming a member of DIAURA in April 2013 Tatsuya also got his first matching outfit.

In his first artist picture, he had mahogany brown hair with red highlights. Part of his hair was shaved and the rest was styled to the front in a mohawk-like manner.

His contact lenses appear to be mist grey. and he wore a black punk visual kei outfit with shiny trousers and a black-silver scarf.

Hair Color: Mahogany brown with red highlights
Hair Style: Mohawk
Eye Color: Mist grey
Outfit: Black with shiny trousers and a scarf

Tatsuya’s DIAURA Look 2020

Tatsuya DIAURA 達也 Look 2020 New Single ENVY

At the beginning of 2020, Tatsuya has long, ash-blond hair, which he wears in a loose bun. His lenses are aqua blue and his outfit is a black suit with red hems and a matching red velvet drape shirt.

Hair Color: Ash-blond
Hair Style: Long, loose bun
Eye Color: Aqua blue
Outfit: Black suit with a red velvet drape shirt

Tatsuya With No Makeup

Tatsuya DIAURA 達也 Look 2020 New Single ENVY

About Tatsuya’s Style

As common for visual kei musicians, Tatsuya has changed his style very often. From medium-long brown hair to short blond and black hair, and even blue.

However, there seem to be a few styles Tatsuya likes to do over and over again. He often has his bangs styled to the left or divided in the middle and styled to the left and right.

Tatsuya also seems to prefer medium-long to long hair in ash or brown tones.

His hairstylist is Nari from Hair Make DIORAMA NEO STREET STANDARD.
Their hair salon is located in Ikebukuro.

Tatsuya’s Band History

DIAURA – Dr. 達也

Visual Kei Drummer Tatsuya DIAURA

After Ronove’s Vocalist KEITO quit and left the band Tatsuya was at a loss. But luckily, shortly after a certain Manager contacted Tatsuya and told him that DIAURA are searching for a support member.

Tatsuya knew that DIAURA were going on tour just 2 weeks later. But instead of wavering or dismissing the idea he saw it as a nice challenge and a good trial. And so he decided to give it a try.

He already knew Shoya, because they played in the same band before. So that helped Tatsuya with his decision and made him feel more relaxed.

Yet during his first tour and his first months with DIAURA Tatsuya experienced a lot of ups and downs. He often felt like an outcast, even though he started to get along with yo-ka, and Kei, too.

Some months after Yuu had left the band Tatsuya was invited to Ramen after their studio session. He thought that this might be it, but instead, DIAURA asked Tatsuya to join them. He immediately replied with “Yes” and that’s how Tatsuya became DIAURA’s member and official drummer.

Tatsuya has composed a few of DIAURA’s songs. His role in DIAURA’s fan club 愚民党 is ウグイスボーイ (Uguisu Bo-i) which means Bush warbler boy.

 Band History & Timeline

Band Part Timeline
DIAURA Drums Since Apr 01,  2013
(as support since 2012)
POPCORE Support unknown
Ronove Drums Apr 23, 2011 – Oct 31, 2011
 楽團孤独 Support unknown
Drums Jun 2008 – Jan 15, 2010
LERISE Drums Sep 2007 – May 30, 2008


DIS★Marionette, MARIO★NETTE, and まりお★ねっと are the same band. The band started as a session band under the name まりお★ねっと / MARIO★NETTE. The band started activities in April 2008 and Tatsuya became a member in June 2008. On October 22, 2008 the band changed their name to DIS★Marionette and started their band activities.

More About Tatsuya & DIAURA

Thank you very much for reading my first post about DIAURA’s drummer Tatsuya. In my next post, I’ll upload many pictures of the things Tatsuya likes to do and also include some Tweet translations. And I’m also planning to write this kind of profile about the other members yo-ka, Kei, and Shoya.

So stay tuned and keep listening to DIAURA!

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Tatsuya DIAURA 達也 Member Profile Birthday Age Height Weight

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