Best Japanese Bath Salts: Recreate Hot Springs At Home

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Have you been to Japan and miss going to an onsen? Or are you still wondering what it is like to soak in a Japanese hot spring? Luckily there is a simple way how you can recreate the Japanese onsen experience at home: Yakusen or Japanese bath salts.

If you have never used Japanese bath salts before I recommend you try Tabi no Yado. This is one of my all-time favorites and the best Japanese bath salt you can buy on Amazon. What I love about it is that you get a variety of bath powders, each one representing a famous Japanese onsen town. The only question you need to ask yourself is: do you want milky hot spring baths or clear hot spring baths.

Best Japanese Bath Salts - Tabi No Yado If you treat yourself with one of the Tabi no Yado packs you actually don’t need anything else. However, why not explore all the other amazing Japanese bath salts and their beauty and health benefits? There are so many great brands and fragrances out there that it can be hard to decide which one you should try next. So let me show you my other favorite Japanese bath salts.

Yakusen Bath Roman Muddy White Bath Salt

Yakusen Bath Roman “Muddy White” has one of the most lovely floral scents of all the bath salts I have tried. It doesn’t smell too sweet, but rather a bit musky and herbal.

A few of my friends thought that it has a very strong smell, so better use a little less when you try it for the first time. But everybody loved that it leaves the skin so soft and silky.

The bath salt will make your water milky colored and it will also make the heat hold longer. If you have muscle aches or pains it can also help to soothe them.

In Japanese, it is written like this 薬泉バスロマン にごり湯 乳白色.

Babu Japanese Hot Spring Carbonated Bath Powder

Japanese Bath Salts - Babu Mori No Kaori - Green Bath Water

Babu has been the most popular bath salt in Japan for some time now. Especially this pack with the yuzu, forest, lavender, and bergamot ginger fragrance is one of the top-selling products on Amazon Japan.

The bath salt is compressed in a tablet that will start sizzling like a fizzy bath bomb once you put it in your bathwater. If you are into Japanese animations then you will especially love the Mori no Kaori (forest fragrance), as it will make your water as green as in anime (here‘s my article if you are interested).

I especially like to use this one in winter because it feels like the minerals in the bath powder keep me warm even after the bath. You can experience a similar effect after an onsen. The warming ingredients also have a soothing effect on your skin and muscles.

In Japanese, it is called バブ 厳選4種類の香りセレクトBOX.

Yakusen Bath Roman Muddy Blue Bath Salt

Yakusen Bath Roman Muddy Blue is similar to Bath Roman’s Muddy White bath salt. The scent of Muddy Blue is way more earthy and medicinal, though, and it turns the water in a milky blue ocean. When it comes to fragrance I definitely prefer Muddy White, but when it comes to color I’m all in for Muddy Blue. I just love bathing in blue-colored water.

Its Japanese name is 薬泉バスロマン にごり湯 乳青色.

Other Japanese Bath Salts

I still haven’t tried this one myself, because it is a bit pricy, but it has the highest evaluation of all the bath salts on Amazon Japan. This bath salt is actually called 日本の名湯 (Nihon no Meitou) but it is sold overseas under the name Japanse Famous Hot Spring Bath Salt Name Yu. It is made by Bathclin, one of the oldest and most renowned bath salt companies in Japan. Similar to Tabi no Yado there are different bath salts and each one represents a famous hot spring town. Once I have tried it I will tell you in detail about it!

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