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Kizu reiki キズ 黒い雨 Kuroi Ame Look Visual Kei Band Member Profile

reiki  is a Japanese musician best known as the guitarist of the popular visual kei band キズ (Kizu). He was born on January 14 in Niigata city. Before Kizu he was in LOUD GRAPE.

キズ reiki
Member Profile

Name: reiki
Part: Guitar
Birthday: January 14
Blood Type: ?
Twitter: @Kizu_reiki
Instagram: reiki_kun
Official Website:

Kizu reiki

Age: Probably the second youngest of all Kizu Members, because he said that he never had a senpai before joining Kizu. Kyonosuke is rumored to be 24/25. So reiki should be 25/26ish.

Birthplace: reiki was born in Niigata city (Niigata Prefecture).

Height: reiki is 164 cam tall. That’s 5’3″

Weight: reiki’s height is a secret. He is very thin, though

Appearance: reiki is very thin and has a very special face. He looks really young and he often wears crazy makeup and white face paint.

Character: reiki is a little ball of energy. On stage, he usually acts a little bit wild and crazy. Sometimes so wild that he hurts himself. But that doesn’t stop him! His old LOUD GRAPE profile says that he is very nice and gentle, but also strong-willed. He doesn’t like to lose or to give up.

Likes: People watching, music


Musical Influence: V-Rock, Death metal, Death core, Metal coren

Previous Bands: LOUD GRAPE, Ryticia

Kizu reiki
Fun Facts

  • Said that he included a lot of his negative feelings like worries and hatred, but also cherished emotions into their ヒューマンエラー (Human Error) single
  • People praise him for his good ears and a good sense of music despite his young age
  • It seems like he likes gashapon (gacha gacha), because he bought some toy cars at a vending machine in Shanghai
  • Also, after their live in Shanghai he said that he fell in love with the city and will definitely come back again
  •  He also seemed to really enjoy their first show in Taiwan on September 30th, 2019

キズ reiki
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