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Yue (ユエ) is the bassist of the visual-kei band キズ (Kizu). He’s extremely tall and a huge anime fan. He especially likes Dragon Ball.

Since 2017 he’s been Kizu’s bassist. Before, until 2013, he was a member of DecoLa Hopping and known as ★月★ -yue-.

Yue was born on January, 25th, but I don’t know yet where.

Ba. ユエ

Name: ユエ (Yue)
Band: キズ (Kizu)
Position: Bass
Birthday: 01/25
Blood Type: B

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Stage Name: ユエ (Yue)
Former Name: ★月★ -yue-
Band: キズ (Kizu)
Position: Bassist
Born on: January 25
Born in: ??
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Height: 178cm
Weight: 58kg
Likes: Cats, hamsters, games, Dragon Ball
Dislikes: Summer, insects
Previous Bands:   DecoLA Hopping

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Yue (ユエ) is a Japanese musician and best knowns as the bassist of the visual-kei band キズ (Kizu). He’s really into Anime and really, r-e-a-l-l-y loves Dragon Ball.

Yue’s birthday is on January 25th. However, I still couldn’t find out where he was born. His age is unknown, too.

However, he made his height and weight public. The bassist is 178cm tall and weighs 58kg. Even though he tends to eat ice cream like crazy…I’m jealous. His blood type is B.

As I mentioned before he is a huge Dragon Ball fan. I guess you could call him “Otaku”. No offense, though! Besides that, he’s also into games and likes cats and hamsters.

On the other hand, he really dislikes insects and summer.

Nowadays, he writes his name in Katakana as ユエ, but before his name included the Kanji 月. It’s the Kanji for moon or month. “Yue” is an actual Japanese word that means “reason” or “cause”, but I’m not sure whether there’s any relation. Another fellow Kizu fan told me that “yue” is the Chinese word for “moon”. So that’s probably the connection. Thanks a lot to you (⌒‐⌒)♡

Kizu (キズ) Visual Kei Band - Kuroi Ame Look (Oct 2019) Kizu (キズ) Visual Kei Band - Oshimai Look (May 2017)


03/2017 – now キズ’s Bassist ユエ
12/2010 – 04/2013   DecoLa Hopping’s Bassist as ★月★ -yue-


Interesting Facts

  • Thinks that mosquitos are scary and like a perfect assissin
  • Likes to eat ice cream, especially jumbo monaka, because it’s a big portion of ice
  • Yue really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y loves Dragon Ball



To all the Yue fans (⌒‐⌒)♡

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If you have any interesting facts or funny stories to share, I’d be really, really happy if you’d tell me, so I can update this page.

Also, if there are other things you’d like to have on this site like for example more pics, details about Yue’s clothes, etc, please let me know!

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Let’s keep rockin’ with Yue-san and Kizu!
Alex (⌒‐⌒)♪

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