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reiki (Kizu)

reiki (キズ)

Guitarist of the Japanese Visual-kei Band Kizu

reiki - Kizu (キズ) Member Profile Pictures


reiki is the guitarist of the visual-kei band Kizu (キズ). He’s really into music and people say that he has a good sense and a good ear for music.

Since キズ (Kizu) started their band activities in 2017 he has been their guitarist. Before he was also a member of Ryticia and LOUD GRAPE, where he used to write his name reiki as 澪毅.

He was born on January 14th, but I unfortunately don’t know where.

Gt. reiki

Name: reiki
Band: キズ (Kizu)
Position: Guitar
Birthday: 01/14
Blood Type: ?

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Member Page


Stage Name: reiki
Aka: 澪毅 (reiki)
In Kana: れいき (re・i・ki)
Band: キズ (Kizu)
Position: Guitarist
Born on: January 14
Born in: Niigata
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: unknown
Height: 164cm
Weight: ??kg (Perfect!)
Likes: People watching, music
Favorite music: V-Rock, Death metal, Death core, Metal core
Cigarettes: Should better stop…
Previous Bands:   Ryticia

reiki - Kizu (キズ) New Look


reiki is a Japanese musician, who currently plays guitar in the visual-kei band キズ (Kizu). He is probably the wildest of the Kizu members and likes to jump or lie down on the floor while playing guitar.

He was born on January 14th, in Niigata, but his age is unknown. When I saw him live I had the feeling his (way) younger than LIME. Probably the youngest member, but it could also just be his demeanor.

Via his old band’s profile I could find out that he is 164cm tall. However, it doesn’t mention his weight and says that he doesn’t know his blood type.

It also says that his hobbies are people watching and music, especially listening to V-Rock, death metal, deathcore, and metalcore. And that he doesn’t like any particular brands.

When he used to write his name in Kanji he used 澪 (rei), which means water route, channel or wake of a ship, and 毅 (ki) which means strong.

Kizu (キズ) Visual Kei Band - Kuroi Ame Look (Oct 2019) Kizu (キズ) Visual Kei Band - Oshimai Look (May 2017)



When I saw him perform he still seemed to be young and maybe a bit childish. He also acted a little bit wild and crazy. Miyako (DEZERT‘s guitarist) also said in a radio show that he was afraid of reiki before meeting him.

However, his old loud grape profile says that he is actually very nice and gentle. He is strong willed, though, and doesn’t like to lose. Also, people praise him for his good ears and his good sense of music despite his age.

I think Miyako was also positively surprised after talking with reiki when they met at the STAND ALONE COMPLEX live at Tsutaya O-EAST.



reiki has been part of 2 other bands before. First, he played in a band called Ryticia. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about them. Then he was the guitarist of LOUD GRAPE.

LOUD GRAPE disbanded on March 6h, 2016. Their last live took place at Shinjuku ReNY. Probably shortly after he started looking for a new band and well, started being Kizu’s guitarist from March, 2017 on.



Mar 2017 – now キズ’s Guitarist reiki
Nov 2013 – Mar 2016   LOUD GRAPE’s Guitarist as 澪毅 (Reiki)
(unknown) Ryticia’s Guitarist as reiki


Interesting Facts

  • Said that he included a lot of his negative feelings like worries and hatred, but also cherished emotions into their ヒューマンエラー (Human Error) single
  • People praise him for his good ears and a good sense of music despite his young age
  • It seems like he likes gashapon (gacha gacha), because he bought some toy cars at a vending machine in Shanghai
  • Also, after their live in Shanghai he said that he fell in love with the city and will definitely come back again
  •  He also seemed to really enjoy their first show in Taiwan on September 30th, 2019




To all the reiki fans (⌒‐⌒)♡

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Let’s keep rockin’ with reiki-san and Kizu!
Alex (⌒‐⌒)♪

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