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Kyonosuke (きょうのすけ) is the drummer of the visual-kei band Kizu (キズ). He usually wears extreme and/or crazy make-up.

He’s been a member of キズ since their debut in 2017, which was also his own debut as a drummer, since Kizu is the first band he’s been officially part of. Before becoming a drummer himself, he was part of MEJIBRAY’s staff and supported their drummer Meto, though.

Dr. きょうのすけ

Drummer Kyonosuke

Name: きょうのすけ (Kyonosuke)
Band: キズ (Kizu)
Position: Drums
Birthday: 01/20
Blood Type: B

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Stage Name: きょうのすけ (Kyonosuke)
In Romaji: Kyounosuke
Band: キズ (Kizu)
Position: Drummer
Born on: January 20
Born in: Miyazaki??? (Kyushu)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Height: ??cm
Weight: ??kg (Perfect!)
Cigarettes: Should better stop…
Previous Job:   MEJIBRAY’s roadie

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Kyonosuke (きょうのすけ) is a Japanese musician that currently works as the drummer of the visual-kei band キズ (Kizu). He wears the craziest (and scariest) make-up of all the Kizu members, but is always very courteous on stage.

According to his official profile, he was born on January 20th, and I read somewhere that he was born in Miyazaki, but I’m not so sure about that anymore…so I’ll have to do some more research. As you might have guessed: his age is a secret.

Kyonosuke’s height and weight aren’t public either. However, he seems to be around the same height as Yue, who is 178cm tall.

His name きょうのすけ in Hiragana is actually “Kyounosuke”, but in Romaji he usually writes Kyonosuke, omitting the “u”.

Kizu (キズ) Visual Kei Band - Kuroi Ame Look (Oct 2019) Kizu (キズ) Visual Kei Band - Oshimai Look (May 2017)


03/2017 – now   キズ’s Drummer きょうのすけ


Interesting Facts

  • Likes summer, but tends to start sweating easily and sweats a lot
  • Was part of MEJIBRAY’s staff mostly supporting MEJIBRAY’s drummer Meto. The two of them became close friends and Meto thinks of Kyonosuke as his little brother.
  • He’s usually the last one to leave the stage after a live. Before he goes backstage he asks the fans to scream his name and chuckles when they do so. After that, he always bows and says thank you.
    So polite (⌒‐⌒)♡
  • However, I read that one time during a 2-man in Nagoya, he got really, really angry in the middle of a song, kicked his drumset and even left the stage. The puzzled members played an acoustic song before going backstage to check on Kyonosuke. About 10 minutes later all of them came back and the show continued (Source).


Live Memoirs

Nov 04, 2019 – Sendai MACANA
  • Outfit: Currently Kyonosuke is wearing a black suit and has his face painted black. He wears his hair up – similar to how it looks on his official Kuroi Ame artist photo but not 100% the same
  • At some point he started playing some kind of bridge in between songs and LIME looked at him and started tilting his head right and left. So for a few seconds they “danced” together like this
    ( /)u(\ )♡
  • He was the last one to leave the stage. First, he asked the fans to scream his name. Then, he smiled, bowed, waved and went away



To all the Kyonosuke fans (⌒‐⌒)♡

If you have any interesting facts or funny stories to share, I’d be really, really happy if you’d tell me, so I can update this page.

Also, if there are other things you’d like to have on this site like for example more pics, details about Kyonosuke’s make-up, etc, please let me know!

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Let’s keep rockin’ with Kyonosuke-san and Kizu!
Alex (⌒‐⌒)♪

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