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Kizu LIME 来夢 キズ 黒い雨 Kuroi Ame Look Visual Kei Band Member Profile

LIME (来夢) is a Japanese musician, singer, and lyricist best known as the vocalist of the popular visual kei band キズ (Kizu). Besides composing and singing he is also a really good guitarist and often plays guittar at lives. He was born on November 19 in Miyazaki city. Before Kizu LIME was in LEZARD, Kro:nos and Kreuz NostalgiA.

キズ 来夢
LIME’s Member Profile

Name: 来夢
Part: Vocals & Guitar
Birthday: November 19
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @Kizu_LiME
Instagram: lime1582_official
Official Website:

Kizu 来夢
About LIME

Age: An Kizu expert told me that LiME was born on November 19, 1992. So November 2020 he will turn 28 years old. Almost every year he says that he turns 20 years old, though.

Birthplace: LIME was born in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Height: LIME is 158.2cm tall. It’s part of his Instagram handle. If his height would be in proportion to the beauty of his voice he would be 160 meters tall, though!

Weight: It’s also a secret. He seems to be pretty toned, though!

Appearance: LIME isn’t the tallest person in the world, but in my opinion, he has one of the nicest figures of all visual kei bandsmen out there. He seems to work out and seems pretty muscular. He has an extremely beautiful face and profile, but he often hides it behind white face paint.

Character: LIME is a really interesting and funny person. He often comes across kinda closed and seems to be a deep thinker. But even though he likes to tease the fans and the other Kizu members, he is actually a very nice person. His humor and sarcasm are topnotch.

Likes: Motorbikes, dogs

Dislikes: Rainy weather, typhoons

Musical Influence: Yoshiki, and maybe Slipknot / Korn (not confirmed)

Previous Bands: LEZARD, Kro:nos, Kreuz NostalgiA

Fun Facts

  • Can also play guitar and writes all of キズ’s lyrics (灬ºωº灬)♡
  • He likes to make fun of the other members and copies their tweets, etc.
  • Lime is a dog person but thinks that cats are cute, too (⌒‐⌒)
  • He used to play Pokemon Go but stopped it. In September 2019 he reinstalled it again, but apparently he just played it for a few hours (/ω\*)笑
  • He likes to write coupling songs that “totally crush” the main title of the single instead of supporting it
  • When saying good-bye to people he is close to, he sometimes doesn’t know whether he should wave or just bow, and so he often ends up doing both (/⌒ω⌒\)
  • Says that really good songs have their own smell
  • He loves motorbikes and loves riding (his) motorbike, but one time he got hit by a taxi
  • He used to call Kizu’s fans “Buta” (pig), same as their song ♪ 豚 (Buta) but stopped because fans kept complaining
  • Doesn’t take selfies anymore, because he thinks it’s annoying
  • He doesn’t seem to cope well with the heat and he easily seems to get heatstrokes (in a story said he got the “first heatstroke of the year” while vocal training)
  • He said that he would like to have a child (or children) if he would have the confidence that he could make his child(ren) happy
  • Lime has studied in England for 6 months and I think he can speak English pretty well
  • On his birthday in 2019, he tweeted that he was glad that he could celebrate his 20th birthday with Kizu.  Some fans thought it’s true, and so he tweeted again saying that he’s worried about the future of those pure girls, who fell for his lie. According to other comments, it seems as if he has celebrated his 20th birthday several times before.
  • When he was in Lezard he used to have two Dachshunds called れもん (Lemon) and ふーちゃん (Fuu-chan). Maybe (I hope that) he still has them, but I have no information about that. If so, they probably are at his parent’s house in Fukuoka. (Pics: Lemon with LIME and here’s Fuu-chan)
  • He’s close friends with the musician S!N (しん) and even played at (at least) one of his concerts as a secret guest (Source)
  • LiME has 2 brothers
  • Piano was the first instrument he played. He learned to play it because of his mother (a music teacher) at the age of 3
  • Drums are his second favorite instrument. He used to play drums at music festivals but decided to become a vocalist because their group couldn’t find one
  • He joined VK at the age of 18
  • When he was a high school kid he often got called in the principal’s office


  • “Then that’s not a dream, that was just a goal, right?”
    (replying to a fan who asked why there’s no sense of fulfillment after a dream has come true)
  • “I personally think that imagination is important. Because without imagining it, you won’t be able to realize it. Rather than having dreams, be ambitious.”

キズ 来夢
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