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Kizu Kyonosuke きょうのすけ キズ 黒い雨 Kuroi Ame Look Visual Kei Band Member Profile

Kyonosuke (きょうのすけ) is a Japanese musician best known as the drummer of the popular visual kei band キズ (Kizu). He was born on January 20 in Tokyo. Before becoming a drummer himself and joining Kizu, he worked as MEJIBRAY’s staff and supported their Dr. Meto, though.

キズ きょうのすけ
Kyonosuke’s Member Profile

Name: きょうのすけ
Part: Drums
Birthday: January 20
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @Kizu_kyonosuke
Instagram: kyonostagram
Official Website:

Kizu Kyonosuke
About きょうのすけ

Age: Kyonosuke is probably the youngest of all Kizu members. Rumors say that he is 24/25ish.

Birthplace: Kyonosuke was born in Tokyo.

Height: Kyonosuke’s height is a secret, but kinda tall. Maybe around the same height as Yue (~178 cm).

Weight: It’s a secret, but the same as all the other Kizu members he is pretty thin.

Appearance: Kyonosuke usually wears a lot of crazy make-up. Probably inspired by his senpai Dr. Meto (MEJIBRAY). His clothes and hair-styles are usually very extreme and/or gorgeous and/or scary.

Character: Usually very polite. Always bowing and thanking the fans after lives.

Likes: Summer, Dr. Meto 🙂


Musical Influence:

Previous Job: MEJIBRAY’s roadie

Kizu Kyonosuke
Fun Facts

  • Likes summer, but tends to start sweating easily and sweats a lot
  • Was part of MEJIBRAY’s staff mostly supporting MEJIBRAY’s drummer Meto. The two of them became close friends and Meto thinks of Kyonosuke as his little brother.
  • He’s usually the last one to leave the stage after a live. Before he goes backstage he asks the fans to scream his name and chuckles when they do so. After that, he always bows and says thank you.
    So polite (⌒‐⌒)♡
  • However, I read that one time during a 2-man in Nagoya, he got really, really angry in the middle of a song, kicked his drumset and even left the stage. The puzzled members played an acoustic song before going backstage to check on Kyonosuke. About 10 minutes later all of them came back and the show continued (Source).

キズ きょうのすけ
Kizu Kyonosuke’s Official Twitter

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