Ito Onsen Guide: Tattoo Friendly Onsen, Ryokan, Things to Do

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Izu Ito Onsen Yokikan

Ito is one of the largest hot spring resorts near Tokyo and also one of Japan’s top 3 onsen towns. In this onsen guide, I will show you some of Ito’s most beautiful hot springs including tattoo-friendly onsen and ryokans as well as the top things to do in and around Ito.

In total, you will find 10 recommended hot springs located in Ito and nearby Izu Kogen that you can visit as a day-tripper and 3 great onsen ryokans you can stay for the night. 4 of them are tattoo-friendly.

Among my recommended 9 things to do in Ito I have included the peninsula’s top sightseeing spots Jogasaki coast, Mount Omuro, and the award-winning Izu Kogen Grand Illumination.

Onsen in Ito

Izu Ito Onsen Yokikan (Tattoo Friendly)

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Izu Ito Onsen Yokikan

Location: 1.2 km south of Ito Station

Izu Ito Onsen Yokikan (伊豆 伊豆高原 陽気館) is an onsen ryokan hotel perched on a hill overlooking Ito city. The hotel’s onsen facilities feature gender-separated indoor baths that are switched on a daily basis and a mixed open-air bath. In the morning from 6:00 – 7:30 and in the evening from 19:30 – 21:30 the rotenburo is exclusively for women. This only goes for staying guests, though, since it is outside of the opening hours for day-trippers.

Small Tattoos OK: On their English webpage they have an FAQ section where they say that small tattoos on your leg, arm, stomach, back, etc are accepted. However, if your tattoo covers your whole body or your entire back you are not allowed to use the onsen.

Access: 16 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Hours: 11:00 – 15:00

Price: 1,000円 (about $9 or 8€)


Ofuro-Sugi No Yado Daitokan

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Ofuro-Sugi No Yado Daitokan

Location: 0.9 km southeast of Ito Station

Ofuro-Sugi No Yado Daitokan (お風呂ずきの宿 大東館) is a Japanese-style inn with gender-separated bathing facilities and a total of 6 different hot springs baths. The baths include a large public bath, a rotenburo, a private Goemon bath, a private open-air bath, and a private lie down bath.

During the day-trip bathing hours, the large open-air bath can only be used by women. But since the private baths are free and there is no reservation system or anything you can soak in the private open-air bath as long as it isn’t occupied by another person. If you use the private onsen please don’t use it longer than 40 minutes.

Access: 11 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Hours: 14:00 – 22:00

Price: 800円 (about $8 or 7€)

Website: (Japanese only)

Hotel Sun Hatoya

Ito Onsen Guide - Onsen Ryokan - Hotel Sun Hatoya

Location: 2 km north of Ito Station, near Ito Marinetown

Hotel Sun Hatoya (ホテルサンハトヤ) is an onsen ryokan hotel with onsen facilities and an adventure pool area that you can enjoy with your whole family. The onsen facilities are gender-separated and feature an indoor and an outdoor bath.

In the pool area, you have to wear a bathing suit and you will find an indoor bath with a variety of pools. In summer usually starting around mid-July they also open their outdoor swimming pool from where you have beautiful ocean views.

Access: 10 minutes by bus from Ito Station or 25 minutes on foot.

Hours: 8:30 – 18:00

Price: 2,000円 (about $19 or 16€) for the onsen, 3,500円 (about $33 or 28€) for the onsen and the pool area

Website: (Japanese only)

Hotel Ravie Kawaryo

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Hotel Ravie Kawaryo

Location: 0.7 km southeast of Ito Station, near Tokaikan Former Ryokan

Hotel Ravie Kawaryo (ホテルラヴィエ川良) is an onsen hotel with 2 gender-separated onsen facilities and a mixed-gender indoor onsen pool where everyone has to wear bathing suits. In total, there are 8 different onsen baths including one rotenburo in each onsen facility. Daytrip bathing is possible but you should contact the hotel beforehand or make a reservation online.

The onsen facilities are quite modern, but one of their open-air baths (the one you can see in the picture) is a more traditional rock onsen bath. The other rotenburo is less beautiful, unfortunately, with a modern look and feel similar to the indoor baths. Every night the onsen facilities are switched. So if you stay overnight you will definitely get the chance to soak in the more beautiful one.

Access: 8 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Hours: 14:00 – 21:00

Price: 1,100円 (about $10 or 9€)

Website: (External English page available)

Oedo Onsen Monogatari (Ito Hotel New Okabe)

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Oedo Onsen Monogatari - Ito Hotel New Okabe

Location: 1.2 km south of Ito Station, Minami Ito Area

Oedo Onsen Monogatari (大江戸温泉物語) is an onsen theme park chain that you can also find in Tokyo and all over the Kanto region. This time the hot spring amusement park is located inside the Ito Hotel New Okabe (伊東 ホテルニュー岡部). You will find 2 gender-separated bathing facilities with a large public indoor pool and 2 open-air hot spring baths each.

Compared to the Oedo Onsen Monogatari hot spring in Tokyo, this one is cheaper but also smaller and it doesn’t have any of the fun amusement facilities and traditional Japanese carnival games like for example throwing shuriken or the scooping game you have probably seen in anime before. So families with children, I recommend going to the onsen in Tokyo. But even solo travelers I would suggest visiting one of the other onsens in Ito and putting Oedo Onsen Monogatari on your bucket list for Tokyo.

Access: 16 minutes on foot from Ito Station or 11 minutes by bus

Hours: 15:00 – 22:00

Price: 773円 (about $7 or 6€) on weekdays, 1,045円 (about $10 or 9€) on weekends and public holidays

Website: (Japanese only)

Hotel Ito Powell

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Hotel Ito Powell

Location: 0.7 km north of Ito Station, near Ito Orange Beach

In my opinion, you should only consider Hotel Ito Powell (ホテル伊東パウエル) when you are traveling with a friend or even better with your significant other because they only offer more expensive day-trip plans in combination with a private room. For up to 6 hours you are allowed to soak in the onsen and to take a rest in the room. Perfect if couples want to spend some romantic time alone at an onsen, but not if you are alone and/or come to Ito for sightseeing.

The hotel’s onsen facilities are gender-segregated and feature an open-air infinity hot spring pool with beautiful views of the ocean. However, just going to the hotel and plunging in is not possible. So don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.

Access: 9 minutes on foot from Ito Station or 6 minutes by bus

Hours: 15:00 – 21:00

Price: 4,800円 (about $44 or 39€) for one person, 2,800円 (about $44 or 39€) for 2 people. The fee includes a private room you can use to rest after the bath. For a little extra you will also get a Japanese-style dinner.

Website: (Japanese only)

Ito Kowakien (Tattoo Friendly)

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Ito Kowakien

Location: 1.5 km south of Ito Station, near Minami-Ito Station &Yonewaka No Ashiyu

Ito Kowakien (伊東小涌園) is another hot spring hotel that opens their onsen facilities to day-trippers. The hot spring at this hotel is an alkaline simple spring with a pH of 8.6 and is said to be a “Beautiful Skin Hot Spring” that is good for your skin. There are 2 separate bathing facilities that women and men can use on alternating days. Here you also have the opportunity to try a glass of hot spring water from the drinking fountain inside the bath. This is a rare opportunity even in Ito Onsen.

Small Covered Tattoos OK: There is no official information on the webpage, but I spoke with the hotel and the staff told me that “if the size of your tattoo is not big and can be covered with a sticker, it is possible to use the public bath”.

Access: 18 minutes on foot from Ito Station or 8 minutes from Minami-Ito Station on the Izukyuko Line (not covered by the JR Pass)

Hours: 13:00 – 20:00

Price: 1,080円 (about $9 or 8€)

Website: (External English page available)

Yokohama Fujiyoshi Onsen Izuten

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Yokohama Fujiyoshi Onsen Izuten

Location: 9.2 km south of Ito Station, near Mt. Omuro & Jogasaki Coast

Yokohama Fujiyoshi Onsen Izuten (横浜藤よし伊豆店) is a modern onsen ryokan about 45 minutes south of Ito. The ryokan has 7 different onsen baths that can be used privately. In front of each hot spring, you will find a wooden sign. As long as it says free “空いています” or “空き” you can use it. If it says “貸切中” somebody else is using it right now and you can’t enter.

Access: About 43 – 49 minutes from Ito. There is a direct bus until Higashisannogen Bus Stop from where it is a 14-minute walk or you take the Izukyuko Line towards Shimoda, get off at Futo Station and take the bus to Sannogenrikkyo Bus Stop. From there it is an 11-minute walk.

Hours: 11:00 – 14:00

Price: 1,500円 (about $14 or 13€)


Izukogen Hanafubuki Ryokan

Ito Onsen Guide - Hot Springs - Izukogen Hanafubuki Ryokan

Location: Izu Kogen, 14.1 km south of Ito Station, near Jogasaki Coast

Izukogen Hanafubuki Ryokan (伊豆高原 花吹雪) is a beautiful onsen ryokan with 7 private onsen baths surrounded by a green forest. There is no public bath, only private hot spring baths that you can use without paying any additional fees. You can just go your preferred onsen, lock the entrance, soak for 50 minutes, and then hop on to the next one. If the bath is already in use you can either wait or try another one.

Access: A 23-minute train ride and a 8-minute walk from Ito Station. Take the Izukyuko Line towards Shimoda and get off at Izu-Kogen Station. From there it takes 8 minutes on foot to Hanafubuki Onsen Ryokan. The whole trip from Ito takes about 30 minutes.

Hours: 11:00 – 14:00

Price: 1,550円 (about $14 or 13€)


Akazawa Onsen Resort & Spa (Tattoo Friendly)

Beach Onsen - Akazawa Onsen Resort & Spa Beautiful Hot Spring Near Tokyo

Location: Izu Kogen, 16 km south of Ito city, near Jogasaki Coast

Akazawa Onsen Resort & Spa is an amazing onsen with incredible ocean views. In the gender-separated onsen facilities, you can soak in a 25-meter or a 20-meter open-air infinity onsen pool, pottery baths, wooden barrel baths, and more. This is one of the biggest and best hot spring resort spas I have seen so far near Ito and even Atami Onsen.

All Tattoos Accepted: Akazawa Onsen is one of the most awesome tattoo-friendly onsens near Tokyo. On their English webpage, they have explicitly written that they “welcome guests with tattoos”.

Access: Unfortunately this onsen is not located in Ito but 1 hour further south near Izu Kogen. You have to take the Izukyuko Line to Izu-Kogen Station and then continue by bus and get off at “Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan”. The good news is that the spa has a free shuttle service, but the bad news is that the train fare is not covered by the JR Pass.

Price: 1,600円 (about $15 or 15€)


Other Hot Spring Attractions in Atami

Ashiyu – There are 3 hot spring footbaths directly in Ito city. Ashiyu Fureai no Yu (足湯ふれあいの湯) is near Tokaikan Former Ryokan and Yonewaka No Ashiyu (よねわかの足湯) is located in Minato Ito right next to the tattoo-friendly onsen hotel Ito Kowakien. The other Ashiyu is called Attamari~Na (あったまり~な) and part of Ito Marinetown.

Ito Yunohanadori Oyukake Shichi Fuku Jin – In Ito, there are several places where you can find the statues of the Seven Lucky Gods aka Shichi Fuku Jin. Oyukake Shichi Fuku Jin is an actual stamp rally where you have to try to find the Seven Lucky Gods and pour onsen water over each statue before you pray for happiness. There are also 7 public bathhouses and 7 temples that enshrine one of the gods each. Visiting all is referred to as Ito Onsen Shichi Fuku Jin Meguri and is supposed to bring you luck.

Things to Do in Ito

Tokaikan Former Ryokan

Ito Travel Guide - Things to Do - Tokaikan Former Ryokan

Location: 0.6 km southeast of Ito Station, near Ito Orange Beach

Tokaikan (東海館) is a former onsen ryokan with beautiful wooden architecture that has been turned into a museum after its closure in 1977. You can still bathe at the ryokan’s onsen facilities today, but only on weekends and national holidays. Furthermore, since there is only one bathroom women and men have to use it at different times. Women can usually soak from 13:00 – 14:45 and from 17:00 – 19:00 o’clock, while men can use the onsen from 11:00 – 12:45 and 15:00 – 16:45. There’s also a tea room inside the ryokan.

In 2010 half of the building became the popular and very impressive guesthouse K’s House Ito Onsen. It is one of my onsen ryokan recommendations for Ito so you will find more information about it further down below.

Access: 18 minutes by bus from Ito Station

Hours: 9:00 – 21:00, closed every 3rd Tuesday of a month

Price: 200円 (about $2 or 2€) for the museum, 500円 (about $5 or 4€) for bathing

Website: (Japanese only)

Ito Orange Beach

Ito Travel Guide - What to Do - Ito Orange Beach

Location: 0.5 km east of Ito Station, Ito Bay Area

Ito Orange Beach (伊東オレンジビーチ) is a beach with black sand not far from Ito Station. You can enjoy different marine activities like banana boats and from mid-July until mid-August they open a floating water park with 20 attractions for children including water slides, trampolines, and giant seesaws.

Access: 6 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Price: Free

Website: (Japanese only)

Ito Marine Town

Ito Travel Guide - Things to Do - Ito Marine Town

Location: 1.3 km north of Ito Station

Ito Marine Town (伊東マリンタウン) is a road station and cute little shopping complex overlooking the harbor. There are souvenir shops, restaurants, an onsen spa, and an Ashiyu.

Access: 7 minutes by bus from Ito Station

Hours: 9:00 – 22:00


Jogasaki Coast

Ito Travel Guide - Things to Do - Hiking near Tokyo - Jogasaki Coast

Location: 16 km south of Ito Station, near Mt. Omuro & Izu Kogen

The Jogasaki Coast (城ヶ崎海岸, Jogasaki Kaigan) is an extremely scenic section of the peninsula’s coastline located in the Izu Kogen area about 1 hour south of Ito. You can hike along the coast for about 10 kilometers and take in beautiful views of the craggy cliffs, the ocean, and Oshima island. During your hike, you will see many interesting stone formations and you can even come across a natural ocean bath.

The hiking trail starts a bit further north of Jogasaki Kaigan Station and goes all the way down to Izu Kogen Station. If you don’t want to hike the whole trail or don’t have enough time I recommend you to just spend some time around the lighthouse and the 48-meter long suspension bridge not too far from Jogasaki Kaigan Station. Around there you will also find the New York Lamp Museum & Flower Garden, delicious ice cream, the Izu Oceanic Park, a small temple, and a diving center.

Access: From Jogasaki Kaigan Station it is a 34-minute walk or a 10-minute bus ride plus a 15-minute walk to the lighthouse and the suspension bridge in the north. From Izu Kogen Station it takes about 10 – 15 minutes on foot to the southern suspension bridge and the end (or start) of the hiking trail. The fare from Ito to Jogasaki Kaigan is 590円 and to Izu Kogen 670円.

Price: Free

Komuroyama Park

Ito Travel Guide - Things to Do - Ito Marine Town

Location: 5.2 km southeast of Ito Station

Komuroyama Park (小室山公園) is a huge flower park especially famous for its azaleas and with beautiful views of Mt. Fuji. You can see 40 varieties of azaleas and a total of 100,000 azalea flowers. Every year in April when the azaleas are in bloom the park holds the “Azalea Festival” which attracts many visitors from all over Japan.

Other things to see around the park include the Tsubaki Garden with 4,000 camellias, Mt. Komura with an observation deck, a shrine, and incredible views, and the dinosaurs plaza.

Access: Take the Izukyuko Line from Ito Station or Minami Ito Station and get off at Kawana Station. From there it is a 16-minute walk to the park. It takes less than half an hour to get there from Ito city.

Hours: 9:00 – 16:00

Price: Free

Website: (Japanese only)

Izu Kogen Grand Illumination

Location: 11.2 km south of Ito Station, near Jogasaki Coast

Izu Kogen Grand Illumination (伊豆高原 グランイルミ, Izu Kogen Gran Ilumi) takes place every year at the Izu Granpal Amusement Park (伊豆ぐらんぱる公園). The amusement park is mostly for kids, featuring different attractions like go-karts, water balloons, and mountable battle robots.

But it is also the host of one of the biggest and most spectacular illuminations and light shows in the world winning national and international awards year after year. The illumination is seasonal and changes every year. It usually starts in autumn and continues until summer of the following year. At night you can still enjoy some of the park’s attractions like the water balloons, for example. One of the coolest things, though, is the zip line glide over the illumination.

Access: 37 minutes by bus from Ito Station

Hours: 18:30 ~ 22:00, varies per season

Price: 1,500円 (about $14 or 13€)


Mount Omuro

Ito Travel Guide - What to Do - Mount Omuro

Location: 10 km south of Ito Station, near Jogasaki Coast

Mount Omuro (大室山) is a cute little grass-covered volcano that is just 580 meters high. You can get to the top of the now extinct volcano via a chairlift and walk around the crater in less than 30 minutes. From the top of the volcano, you can see Mt. Fuji and Oshima Island on clear days. You can also walk down inside the crater and practice your archery skills or book and take a paragliding flight down the volcano’s slopes.

Access: 45 minutes by bus from Ito Station or 30 minutes by bus from Izu Kogen Station. You can save some money with one of the one-day passes for Ito that cover the trip to Mount Omuro.

Hours: 9:00 – 16:15/17:15

Price: 700円 (about $7 or 6€) for the lift

Website: (Japanese only)

Sakura no Sato Park & Cherry Blossoms

Ito Travel Guide - What to Do - Sakura no Sato Park & Cherry Blossoms Hanami Sakura

Location: 9.6 km south of Ito Station, near Mt. Omuro

Sakura no Sato (さくらの里) is a park located at the foot of Mt. Omuro’s northwestern slopes. In the garden, you can see more than 1,500 cherry blossom trees and 40 varieties. Spring is the most beautiful time to visit since most of the cherry trees are in bloom, but you can see blooming sakura all year round.

The park has been elected as one of Japan’s top 100 Sakura viewing spots and is renowned for its long blooming period from September to May. However, even outside of the main season you can find varieties like for example the Kawazu cherry blossom that blooms in February or the Oshima cherry blossom that blooms in March.

Access: 47 minutes by bus from Ito Station or 30 minutes by bus from Izu-Kogen Station

Price: Free

Website: (Japanese only)

Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace

Ito Travel Guide - Things to Do - Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace

Location: Izunokuni, 24 km northwest of Ito Station, near Shuzenji Onsen

The Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace (韮山反射炉) is a set of 4 reverberatory furnaces that were built during the Edo period when Japan’s samurai era was about to come to an end. It was designated as a National Historic Site in 1922 and later in 2009 as a World Heritage Site.

Access: Take the bus to Shuzenji Station, transfer to the Izuhakone Tetsudo-Sunzu Line bound for Mishima and get off at Izu-Nagaoka Station, which is the closest station. From there it is a 21-minute walk to the reverberatory furnace. The one-way trip from Ito takes about 1:40 hours.

Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Price: 1,100円 (about $10 or 9€)


Onsen Ryokan & Hotels in Ito

K’s House Ito Onsen (Tattoo Friendly)

Ito Hotel Guide - Onsen Ryokan - K's House Ito Onsen 2

Location: 0.7 km south of Ito Station, near Tokaikan Former Ryokan

K’s House Ito Onsen (ケイズハウス伊東温泉) is a popular hostel with a natural gender-separated public onsen and a free private onsen bath. During my backpacking trip through Japan, I stayed at K’s House and it is one of the few accommodations I still remember clearly. Back then I was too shy to use the public onsen so I just took a quick soak in the small private onsen bath. Oh, and that was my first onsen experience by the way.
Too funny when I think about it now (/ω\*)

Another good thing about this hostel is that it is a tattoo-friendly onsen ryokan. Tattooed guests are allowed to use both the public hot spring facilities and the private onsen bath.

Access: 8 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Check-In: 15:00 – 21:00

Price Range: $


Kameya Rakan

Beach Onsen - Kameya Rakan Beautiful Hot Spring Near Tokyo Ito Onsen

Location: 0.3 km southeast of Ito Station, near Ito Orange Beach

Kameya Rakan (かめや楽寛) is a 3-star onsen hotel with Japanese-style tatami rooms overlooking the beach and Sagami Bay. Some of the rooms have city views, but the more expensive ones have ocean views and can even have a private indoor and small open-air onsen bath.

Besides the 2 gender-separated public onsen facilities they also have 4 private onsen baths and a free family bath. If you book the room via their official homepage you can use the private onsen once without additional costs. Out of the 4 private hot springs I recommend the “Manten No Yu” rooftop bath.

When I checked the room rates I could find their biggest Japanese-style room with private onsen for under 10,000円.

Access: 4 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Check-In: 15:00

Price Range: $$ – $$$


Izu Ito Onsen Yokikan (Tattoo Friendly)

Ito Hotel Guide - Onsen Ryokan - Izu Ito Onsen Yokikan

Location: 1.2 km south of Ito Station

I have mentioned this ryokan before as one of the day-trip onsen baths, but I also want to recommend it as an accommodation. All of the rooms at Yokikan (陽気館) are Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats and futon beds. The rooms have private toilets but no private bathrooms. To take a shower or bath you have to use the public onsen facilities. Breakfast and dinner are Japanese-style set meals either served in your room or the shared dining room.

Access: 16 minutes on foot from Ito Station

Check-In: 15:00

Price Range: $$ – $$$


Ito Onsen Review & Summary



  • there are only a few interesting sights directly in Ito city
  • the top things to see and do are spread over a wide area
  • the JR Pass is only valid until Ito Station

Best Time to Visit Ito Onsen: Ito can be visited at any time of the year. If you come to Ito to do onsen hopping October or November should be best. But if you are interested in hiking the Jogasaki coast or exploring the peninsula’s other nature spots the best time to come to Ito is April to July.

Getting to Ito from Tokyo: It takes about 1.5 hours from Tokyo to Ito Station by Shinkansen or limited express train and the one-way trip costs 4,800円 (about $44 or 39€). Usually, you have to transfer once at Atami Station. By local train, it takes about 2.5 hours and costs 2,310円 (about $21 or 19€). The train fare to Ito is covered by the JR Pass.

Getting around Ito: Most of Ito’s sightseeing spots lie outside of the city so you either have to use the bus or the Izukyu Line, which aren’t covered by the JR Pass. There are also 2 sightseeing bus passes, one for 1,500円 (about $14 or 13€) and another one for 800円 (about $7 or 7€), which will bring you to all the major sightseeing spots in the Ito and Izu area.

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