DIAURA yo-ka Member Profile & Fun Facts

DIAURA yo-ka Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Vocalist

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DIAURA yo-ka
Member Profile

Stage Name: yo-ka
In Hiragana: よーか
Real Name: (Yoshito Kawada?)
Nickname: Master

Part: Vocals
Since: 2010

Birthday: October 31, 1987
Birthplace: Fukushima Prefecture
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Age: 33 years old (2020)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @DIAURA_yo_ka
Instagram: yo_ka.diaura

DIAURA yo-ka
Detailed Profile


Kamen Rider, melon soda, cola, croquettes, sweets, trying local food, composing songs


Spicy food, waiting for something or someone


Gentle, polite, charismatic, quiet and calm, honest and faitful, lovely, romantic

Musical Influence

PIERROT (especially their vocalist Kirito), La’Mule, Dir en grey, 黒夢 (Kuroyume), LUNA SEA

Previous Bands

ヴァルナ (Valluna), Marely, Icy.

DIAURA yo-ka
Fun Facts

Childhood & family
  • yo-ka was born in a small and rural village in Fukushima prefecture
  • His father is a chef
  • He has a 2 years older brother
  • yo-ka went to a private Christian primary school
  • The first artists who yo-ka liked were Kozo Murashita, Yosui Inoue and the band Anzen Chitai because his parents liked folk-pop, folk-rock, and jazz music
How yo-ko got into music & visual kei
  • yo-ka started to get interested in visual kei in high school after listening to a PIERROT song on a music program. He started listened to other bands including Dir en grey and Kuroyume
  • He became a vocalist and formed his first band in his first year of middle school – when he was around 13 years old
    So early! (灬ºωº灬)
  • yo-ka said about himself that his singing was “so bad” at that time and he also mentioned that he was often made fun of. People told him that he is not a real musician because he can’t play any instrument
    ( ´•ω•` )
  • But because of that, he decided to learn to play guitar in his 2nd year of middle school. He also started composing songs
  • In his third year of middle school, he stood on stage for the first time with his band covering LUNA SEA songs
Fun Facts
  • yo-ka formed DIAURA together with Kei on December 15, 2010
  • Besides playing the guitar he can also play drums
  • Drinks alcohol but said that he has a low alcohol tolerance
  • He tends to eat very fast and can get angry at other people when they eat too slow
  • yo-ka said that he would like to have children in the future
  • He’s not good with seasonal changes and easily catches a cold at that time
  • He loves animals and would like to have a pet
  • yo-ka said that he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings because he doesn’t want to harm the body that was given to him by his parents
  • He thinks that he and his mother are very similar saying that she is the female version of himself
  • When he was a child he wasn’t good at writing Hiragana and he often wrote them mirror-inverted.
  • It is said that yo-ka is very romantic: roses, candlelight dinners with desserts, watching the sunset, etc.

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