DIAURA Tatsuya Member Profile & Fun Facts

DIAURA Tatsuya Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Drummer 達也

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DIAURA Tatsuya Member Profile

Stage Name: 達也
In Hiragana: たつや
In Romaji: Tatsuya
Former: 龍耶-tatsuya-

Part: Drums
Since: 2013

Birthday: March 28, 1988
Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Age: 32 years old (2020)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @drumsTatsuya
Instagram: diaura_drums_tatsuya

DIAURA Tatsuya
Detailed Profile


Sweets and desserts, other cute things like Disney’s Lilo or Sanomaru-kun, playing basketball, reading, taking long baths, watching anime, cooking, growing veggies


Sour and bitter things


Funny, childish, innocent, charming and sweet, optimistic and positive thinking, straight forward and diligent

Musical Influence

LUNA SEA, Laputa, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Hi-STANDARD, PENPALS, 175R, Mongol800, Kuroyume, SADS, Dragon Ash, Snail Ramp, Green Day, The Offspring, JUDY AND MARY, globe

Previous Bands

POPCORE, Ronove, 楽團孤独, DIS★Marionette, まりお★ねっと, LERISE

DIAURA Tatsuya
Fun Facts

Childhood & Family
  • Tatsuya has an older brother and an older sister. His brother is 3 years older and his sister 1 year older than him. He said that he really likes his brother and that they shared a room until his brother graduated and moved out. With his sister on the other hand he fought a lot
  • His father was always very busy and that he can’t remember playing with him. He was also strict and told him to study hard. Even now they don’t talk a lot and he still doesn’t know what his father his doing. Maybe the Manager of a food store, but he isn’t sure.
How Tatsuya got into music & visual kei
  • His brother liked “globe” so he borrowed his CDs and recorded them onto cassette tapes
  • After Tatsuya entered middle school he was obsessed with Luna Sea. He said that he was blown away when he heard the album “SINGLES”. And he got to like them so much that he started to collect their CDS and listened to them every day.
  • Later he started to listen to Laputa and via the band Hi-STANDARD, he got into visual-kei and melodic hardcore
  • After entering high school his parents told him that they would buy him a present to celebrate his graduation. At that time he really liked J-san and so he got a bass beginner set
  • His band activities started back in high school. Together with his classmates, they practiced Oasis’s “Stand by Me”. He was in the music club at that time and played the bass. They started to think that they want to do a live and so they practiced
  • In his second year of high school, he switched to drums
  • He decided that he wants to make a living off music and so after graduating from school Tatsuya went to ESP Musical Academy to study music
Fun Facts
  • Tatsuya joined DIAURA in April 2013 after being their support drummer for nearly 11 months
  • He knew Shoya before joining DIAURA, because they played in the same band before. When he became DIAURA’s support, he didn’t tell him beforehand, though.
  • I have already mentioned it in the likes section, but it needs to be mentioned again. He *really* *loves* to desserts and sweets
  • His favorite phrase is “Joire de Vivre”. It’s also the name of his blog
  • Tatsuya’s favorite animals are cats, dogs, and hamsters
  • Is into sports, especially basketball and jogging. Sometimes he does sports together with yo-ka
  • His favorite LUNA SEA songs are “Rosier” and “Dejavu”
  • His favorite LUNA SEA CD cover is the one from their fifth album “STYLE” released on April 22, 1996
  • Usually has Ramen on New Year’s Day
  • Loves to drink Red Bull and Starbucks’ drinks
  • Tatsuya has 4 piercings (ear)
  • In his childhood, he often played Famicon and Super Famicon (Super Nintendo) with his friends
  • In middle school a friend started playing guitar and Tatsuya thought “Wow that’s cool” and so he started playing air guitar.  He also joked that he “majored” in air guitar
  • He switched from playing bass to drums because he noticed that he was a good air drummer and so he thought he should just start playing drums for real
  • Said that he would like to cosplay Sanji of One Piece and Lelouch of Code Geas

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