5 Things DIAURA Tatsuya Likes To Do

DIAURA Tatsuya Likes Facts With Pictures And Tweet Translations

5 Things DIAURA Tatsuya Likes To Do
With Pictures & Tweet Translations

DIAURA Tatsuya Likes Facts With Pictures And Tweet Translations

In my last DIAURA post, you got to know all the basic information like Tatsuya’s birthday, age, height, and drumming history. I also wrote that Tatsuya likes sweets and cute things and that Tatsuya’s hobbies are bathing, and cooking.

But how do I actually know? Well, let me just show you!

I went through Tatsuya’s Twitter account and his Instagram account to see what he has talked about in the past few years. The information on Tatsuya’s profile page was just a summary of that. In this post, however, I’ve included pictures Tatsuya has posted as well as his tweets with translations.

So read on to learn about all the things DIAURA’s Tatsuya likes.

1. Tatsuya has a sweet tooth and often eats desserts or snacks

DIAURA Tatuya Cute Eating Sweets

This is the first thing you’ll notice when you follow Tatsuya. It doesn’t matter whether you check his Twitter account or his Instagram. His whole timeline is overflowing with pictures of parfaits, cakes, candies, ice cream, and other sweets.

On Instagram, he even uses the hashtag #食いしん坊達也 (Kuishinbou Tatsuya). This means “Gourmet Tatsuya“. He uses it for all of his food and cooking pictures.

So here are a few examples of him talking about food.

First, we have Tatsuya posting a picture of a very delicious looking Japanese dessert on Instagram (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Nov 25, 2019

Instagram Translation
Giving in to my temptation and having this🤤

Tatsuya’s Instagram

Then we have Tatsuya holding a roll cake in his hand. Judging from the blurry cover in the background I’m pretty sure that it is castella roll cake from Nagasaki (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Mar 16, 2019

Tweet Translation
Having a snack after my meal🍰

Tatsuya’s Tweet

We have Tatsuya posting a picture of his hand holding a candied apple (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Aug 05, 2018

Tweet Translation
Today’s snack🍎

Tatsuya’s Tweet

The only question left is what kind of dessert is he going to eat next?

2. Tatsuya is a huge LUNA SEA fan and collects their CDs

DIAURA Tatuya Luna Sea Collection

Tatsuya started to like LUNA SEA in his school days. In an interview, Tatsuya revealed that he was blown away by LUNA SEA’s album SINGLES. He got so addicted to their songs that he couldn’t stop listening to them and started collecting their CDs.

And here we have Tatsuya many, many years later still being the biggest LUNA SEA fan ever and still buying and collecting their CDs (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Sep 01, 2019

Tweet Translation
I’ve found something extremely nostalgic!
The first press version’s of LUNA SEA singles.
I’ve wanted them for ages, so I’ve been hunting around second-hand shopsーーー🏃‍♂️

Tatsuya’s Tweet
LUNA SEAシングルの初回版!

He even has LUNA SEA videotapes, even though he doesn’t have a video cassette recorder. Or maybe I should rather say he *had* them, but honestly, I don’t think he could throw them away…(Pic)

— DIAURA 達也 on Aug 05, 2019

Tweet Translation
I’m decluttering,
I don’t want to throw them away, but shall I throw these video tapes I’m not watching anymore away or not..”

If it would be you, what would you do?

Just for your information I don’t have a video cassette recorder📼
I was told to throw away the “Pyū to Fuku! Jaguar” that are right next to them, but I’m also wondering about that🤔
Decluttering what the…

Tatsuya’s Tweet



And of course, Tatsuya also likes to go to LUNA SEA’s concerts! On May 29, 2018, he went to their anniversary live “The Luv -World left behind- FINAL” at Nippon Budokan (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on May 29, 2018

Tweet Translation
I wish for  It’s this kind of a nightー♫

Tatsuya’s Tweet
I wish for こんな夜にはー♫

Ah, I just love it when musicians are as crazy about someone’s music as we are about their music.

3. Tatsuya loves to hang out with Sanomaru-kun

DIAURA Tatuya And Sanomaru-kun

Sanomaru-kun is the mascot of Tochigi, and as you probably know Tatsuya was born in Tochigi Prefecture.

The mascot is a white dog dressed as a warrior with a Sano-Ramen bowl as a helmet and two Imo-fry skewers as swords. Sano-Ramen and Imo-fry are both popular foods in Tochigi.

Tatsuya has posted many times about Sanomaru-kun.

In January, for example, he was very happy to get a personal New Year’s card from him  (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Jan 17, 2020

Tweet Translation
By the way,
I received a New Year’s card from Sanomaru-kun🐶
I’m happy🙂
Thank you✨

Tatsuya’s Tweet

When he goes back to his hometown in Tochigi Prefecture Tatsuya usually visits Sanomaru-kun (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Jan 03, 2019

Tweet Translation
Same as every year,
I went to Sanomaru’s home to see him🏠

So cuteー🤩
It was still decorated with my towel and sign, so I was happy✨

Tatsuya’s Tweet


Tatsuya literally loves Sanomaru-kun to bits as you can see here (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Nov 27, 2018

Tweet Translation
Hey! Hey!
I had no idea that there is this kind of Sanomaro-kun sweet. Too cute, isn’t it!!

Tatsuya’s Tweet

Sanomaru-kun has even been to DIAURA’s concert and played drums together with Tatsuya (Pic). They also have some collaboration goods and stickers together which Tatsuya sometimes uses in his posts or as avatar (Pic).

4. Tatsuya loves to cook but sometimes it goes wrong…

DIAURA Tatuya Likes to Cook

DIAURA’s gourmet doesn’t only like to eat good food, but he is also really into cooking delicious meals. So on his Instagram account, you can not only see him posting about sweets but also uploading cooking pictures.

Here are some of his posts. The first one is this Japanese-style meal (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Apr 23, 2019

Instagram Translation
Today’s dinner🍚

Tatsuya’s Instagram

But even though Tatsuya seems to be really good at cooking sometimes…(Pic)

— DIAURA 達也 on Jan 11, 2020

Instagram Translation
This in this way🍞
Hmm…45 points🤔

Tatsuya’s Instagram

Or something like this happens…(Pic)

— DIAURA 達也 on Jan 08, 2020

Tweet Translation
To all the people who are going to live by themselves in the future

This is the time when you’ll be about to cry

So watch out

Tatsuya’s Tweet



But most times his meals seems to be a success ^^
And sometimes he even gives cooking tips!

5. Tatsuya is really into playing Basketball

DIAURA Tatuya Tweets Basketball

The manga series Slam Dunk got Tatsuya into basketball and he still tends to play it every now and then. Nowadays it is sometimes part of Tatsuya’s workout, I think (Pic).

— DIAURA 達也 on Jul 29, 2019

Tweet Translation
Ah because of playing basketball yesterday I have muscle pain in my leg🥴
It was a good sweatー🏀✨

Tatsuya’s Tweet

More Things DIAURA Tatsuya Likes To Do

First of all, thank you very much for reading!

I hope you liked this type of post about Tatsuya (⌒‐⌒)♪

I’m currently still exploring what to write about, so any feedback is welcome.

I’ll probably expand this post in the future and add a few more things like Tatsuya likes buying blue things, listening to Laputa, etc.

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