DIAURA Shoya – Visual Kei Bassist 翔也

DIAURA Shoya 翔也 Visual Kei Band Member Bassist

Shoya (翔也) is a Japanese musician best known as the bassist of the popular visual kei band DIAURA. He was born on January 31 in Aomori Prefecture. Before DIAURA he was in a band called Dizly.

Shoya’s Member Profile

Part Bass
Birthday January 31
Blood Type B
Twitter @shoya_bass
Instagram: godbwye0202
Fan Mail [email protected]
Official Website diaura.net

Age, Height & Weight

Age: yo-ka was born on January 31st, 1989. As I’m writing this, Shoya is 31 years old. So in January 2021 he will turn 32. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Birthplace: yo-ka was born in Saitama Prefecture.

Height: He is 170 cm (5’6″) tall.

Weight: Shoya’s weight hasn’t been revealed.

Appearance: Shoya often has shorter to medium length hair. He seems to prefer to have brown hair. He also has a lip piercing.

Character: He’s shy and didn’t have a lot of confidence in the past.

Likes: Seafood, Ramen, beer (Malt Premium), fashion, going for a walk

Dislikes: Sake

Musical Influence: SEX PISTOLS

Previous Bands: Dizly (as Yukito)


  • Shoya officially joined DIAURA in February 2012 after refusing yo-ka’s offer twice
  • His parents didn’t want him to be a musician. So he left his home and stopped the contact with them
  • He has 2 sisters
  • When he was younger he had a scooter accident
  • His favorite food is seafood
  • He hates Sake
  • Shoya has 7 piercings (ears and lip)
  • He is really good friends with Tatsuya. They have been in the same band before DIAURA.
  • Sometimes he makes fun of yo-ka and calls him “farmer”, because he was born in a rural area
  • He prefers to cook his food by himself instead of eating out in a restaurant
  • Has his own fashion brand
  • Started music because he thought he can help people that feel as lonely as he felt in the past

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