DIAURA Shoya Member Profile & Fun Facts

DIAURA Shoya Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Bassist 翔也

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Member Profile

Stage Name: 翔也
In Hiragana: しょうや
In Romaji: Shoya

Part: Bass
Since: 2011

Birthday: January 31, 1989
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Age: 31 years old (2020)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: B

Twitter: @DIAURA_yo_ka
Instagram: yo_ka.diaura

Detailed Profile


Seafood, Ramen, Malt PREMIUM beer, cooking, going for a walk




A little bit shy, independent, caring

Musical Influence

SEX PISTOLS and other punk bands

Previous Bands


Fun Facts

Childhood & family
  • Shoya has two sisters
  • His parents didn’t want him to become a musician and so he cut contact with them and also his sisters. Overall, he doesn’t seem to have a good relationship or good memories with his parents/family…
Fun Facts
  • Shoya refused to join DIAURA twice, because when he first met yo-ka he thought that he is a bit scary. The third time yo-ka asked him to join he finally said yes.
  • He sings the chorus parts at lives
  • When he was the bassist in his former band Dizly his stage name was 雪人 (Yukito)
  • Shoya has 7 piercings (ears and lips), but sometimes he removes his lip piercing
  • He named his favorite two white bass guitars 雪子さん (Yukiko-san) and しらす (Shirasu)
  • When he was a teenager he had a part-time job and worked at a restaurant. One day he had an accident and had to go to the hospital. His parents came to visit him, but he was surprised about that…
  • With the money he earned from his part-time job he bought his first bass
  • Shoya and Tatsuya went to the same music college and they played together in another band before DIAURA. They already knew each other for 5-6 years and when Tatsuya joined DIAURA he said that the drummer hasn’t changed at all over the last years
  • He once called yo-ka “countryman”, because the singer was born in the rural area of Fukushima and yo-ka didn’t like it at all
    (/ω\*) I’m sorry but Saitama is also not so…
  • He often cooks for himself and he also said that he prefers cooking for himself than eating out
  • Shoya has a good sense for fashion and he started his own brand
  • Because of his fashion-sense, yo-ka one said that he could be…well not straight…

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