DIAURA Kei Member Profile & Fun Facts

DIAURA Kei Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Guitarist 佳衣

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Member Profile

Stage Name: 佳衣
In Hiragana: けい
In Romaji: Kei
Former: 禊-kei-, ケイ

Part: Guitar
Since: 2010

Birthday: February 07, 1986
Birthplace: Aomori Prefecture
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Age: 34 years old (2020)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: O

Twitter: @DIAURA_kei

Detailed Profile


Dr. PEPPER, tempura, curry, mayonnaise, and fish (especially mackerel), photography


Alcoholic driks, playing together with a second guitarist


Shy, introverted, needs a long time to open up to people, a bit slobby and messy , ambitious, hard-working

Musical Influence


Previous Bands

ヴァルナ (Valluna), CRIMSON, ADOLF, Bunny drug

Fun Facts

Fun Facts
  • Kei formed DIAURA together with yo-ka in December 2010
  • Writes most of DIAURA’s songs (together with yo-ka)
  • He is also DIAURA’s backup vocalist and sings the chorus, etc.
  • yo-ka and Kei are best buddies
  • yo-ka gave Kei the nickname “Ringo-chan” (little apple). Probably because Aomori is famous for apples
  • He has an older brother and sometimes they skipped school together
  • Had his first band with 15, and his first stage performance at his school’s festival
  • Loves to eat tempura, curry, mayonnaise, and fish (especially mackerel)
  • One of his favorite drinks is Dr. PEPPER
  • He is into photography
  • He hates alcohol but smokes (Marlboro Menthol Lights)
  • Kei has 2 piercings (nose and under lip)
  • Sometimes he wears wigs (Blind Message, Tousakushou Resistance), because he doesn’t want to ruin his hair
  • Used to be (or probably still is) the band’s main driver
  • Has a cat named “Buri” and a dog called “Princess

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