DEZERT SORA Member Profile & Fun Facts

DEZERT SORA Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Drummer

And here is my DEZERT SORA Member Profile page. With this all of the DEZERT member profiles are updated and finally provide some useful information.

Member Profile

Stage Name: SORA
In Hiragana: そら
Nickname: Okawa

Part: Drums
Since: 2012

Birthday: June 22
Birthplace: Misato, Saitama Prefecture
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 172ish cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: A

Instagram: dezert_sora

Detailed Profile


Hide-sama, Marvel, especially Spider-Man, all kinds of music, going to concerts, Star Wars, dogs, silver accessory, collecting figures, singing Gackt’s songs, KoЯn


Musical Influences

X-Japan and hide-sama, JOE from SEX MACHINEGUNS, Tetsu from D’ERLANGER, DIR EN GREY and Shinya, Mike Portnoy


Nice and caring, extremely social and outgoing, bright and optimistic, but has the tendency to drop a brick, loyal at least when it comes to his hero, hard-working

Previous Bands

XodiacK, Sacrifice

Fun Facts

Fun Facts
  • He joined DEZERT officially in March 03, 2012. Before that he was their support drummer for a short time
  • His drum set is from PEARL
  • SORA started to learn to play the piano
  • He sometimes composes or writes songs together with Chiaki
  • The drummer is friends with many musicians and bands. He also often gets invited to their lives
  • His hero is hide-san from X JAPAN. He admires him so much that every year on hide’s death anniversary he writes about him. Often he also visits his grave and I think he has also joined his anniversary ceremony
  • His other hero is his father Yasuo
  • He is also a huge Spider-Man and Avengers fan and collects Marvel merch
  • Once he got a sticker from a fan who also called him “Skyderman” and he really liked it and was so happy about it
  • When K from born started his solo career, SORA played drums for him during his first solo one-man performance
  • He says about himself that his weakness is his ears and his natural enemy is “G”
  • His ambition is it to become a kind king
  • To a desert island, he would bring an erotic book, iPod, and another erotic book
  • He is not good at reading Kanji
  • Until 2018 or 2019 he smoked, but then he stopped. Yay!
  • He is proud that he tends to be a very optimistic person
  • The perfume he is using is ANNA SUI
  • He would like to have a foreign car

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