DEZERT Sacchan Member Profile & Fun Facts

DEZERT Sacchan Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Bassist

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DEZERT Sacchan
Member Profile

Stage Name: Sacchan
In Hiragana: さっちゃん
Former: SaZ

Part: Bass
Since: 2011

Birthday: October 28
Birthplace: Miyazaki Prefecture
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 168ish cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: unknown

Instagram: sacchan_occult

DEZERT Sacchan
Detailed Profile


Sweets, tuna, soy sauce, highball, playing baseball, designing, drawing and photography, plants, collecting small figures like bears, art and grotesque arte like “Dark Inspiration 2”, singing, amusement parks


Favorite Music



Calm and composed on the outside, funny, has a hard time to motivate himelf, when he gets angry he gets really angry

Previous Bands

Acid Cherry King, G.L.S.T, ExSARIEL

DEZERT Sacchan
Fun Facts

Fun Facts
  • Together with Chiaki, and Kira, Sacchan formed DEZERT in 2011
  • Sacchan is responsible for designing DEZERT’s goods and he also sings the chorus
  • His electric bass guitars are custom-made from YAMAHA
  • He likes to use 5-string bass guitars
  • He can also play (acoustic) guitar and he is really good at playing the piano
  • In an interview, he said his natural enemy is everyone
  • One of his ambitions is starting his own religion
  • If the world would end tomorrow he would just wait
  • The place he would like to go is Sanrio Puroland *lol*
  • To a desert island, he would bring a food set and a means of transportation in order to get back
  • The thing he thinks he is lacking is education
  • Sacchan really loves soy sauce and he seasons nearly all of his food with a lot of soy sauce
  • He said that his disadvantage is that he can be lazy and that he hardly can motivate himself to do something
  • Our bassist is proud that he has shaken hands with the Japanese folk singer and actor Takeda Tetsuya
  • He says that he hates tobacco but he smokes about 40 cigarettes a day
  • His  favorite perfume is ブルガリブラック (BVLGARI Black)
  • The next day after DEZERT’s 2-man with Arlequin in Hiroshima they gave him a lift to Nagoya, because he wanted to see KoЯn’s show. He went to the concert together with Arlequin’s guitarist Nao

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