DEZERT Chiaki Member Profile & Fun Facts

DEZERT Chiaki Band Member Profile and Fun Facts, Visual Kei Vocalist 千秋

I’ve finally had time to update my DEZERT Chiaki Member Profile page. All of the information below I know because Chiaki told them himself during lives, in interviews, or posted them on Twitter.

Member Profile

Stage Name: 千秋
In Hiragana: ちあき
In Romaji: Chiaki

Part: Vocals
Since: 2011

Birthday: March 02
Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 169ish cm
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: B

Twitter: @ichino_chiaki
Instagram: dezert_chiaki

Detailed Profile


Chocolate, cake, collecting guitars, the Japanese writer Otsuichi, staying at home, cherry blossoms



Favorite Music

Red Hot Chili Peppers, the GazettE, Oasis, KinKi Kids, jazz music


Intelligent, he thinks a lot, lack of self-esteem, difficult, temperamental and can go on a rampage, but also extremely caring if he wants to

Previous Bands

Acid Cherry King, 【1≠password】, ワン≠パス (WAN≠PASU),  ユキライン (YUKIRAIN)

Fun Facts

Childhood & Family
  • Chiaki was born and grew up in Osaka until his graduation from high school. However, for 6 years he went to a private middle school in Nara Prefecture
  • He moved to Tokyo to study law and politics
  • Chiaki had his first band when he was a university student. A college friend asked him to join his band but they broke up a little later
  • He has 2 older sisters
Fun Facts
  • Together with Sacchan, and Kira, Chiaki formed DEZERT in 2011
  • Chiaki writes most of DEZERT’s songs and all of their lyrics. He usually uses the alias 一ノ瀬千秋 (Ichinose Chiaki) or イチノセチアキ (ICHINOSE CHIAKI)
  • He is DEZERT’s unofficial second guitarist and always plays guitar at lives. His main guitars include a Gibson ES-335 and a Fender Telecaster
  • Besides singing and playing the guitar Chiaki can also play bass, drums, and piano
  • He has a cat (I guess the one from the ♪ 変態 (Hentai) video, but this isn’t confirmed and just my speculation)
  • In a radio interview, he was asked where he gets his inspiration for his songs. Chiaki’s answer was that it depends. Once he spontaneously said something on stage and made a song out of it. On other occasions, he wrote the lyrics when he was drunk…
  • He is really good friends with Arlequin’s vocalist Aki
  • His first live was the GazettE, but he doesn’t have good memories of it. He sang along the songs and someone next to him complained about it saying that this is not a place to sing. So Chiaki never went to a GazettE live again
  • During his high-school time, he once went to a Sadie concert in Osaka and was able to do a high-five with Tsurugi. He told this story at one of DEZERT’s 2-man with RAZOR
  • Until October 2019 he didn’t have an SNS account and he also didn’t talk a lot about his private life

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