The 10 Best Hotels for Your Stay in Hakodate – Near Station, With Onsen, Cheap Hostels

La Vista Hakodate Bay | Hotels Hakodate, Hokkaido Where to stay

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Welcome back to Hakodate (⌒‐⌒)/

Now that we are excited about all the awesome things to do in Hakodate, we need to find the best hotels in Hakodate for your stay.

The major sightseeing spots of Hakodate are located around the station near the bay area, the foot and top of Mount Hakodate and Yunokawa Onsen.

For sightseeing, I recommend booking a hotel near Hakodate JR station. It’s in between Fort Goryokaku and Mount Hakodate and a lot of the sights are in walkable distance.

I personally would pick La Vista Hakodate Bay or Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae in that case.

If you want to have a real Onsen experience, you should stay at a Ryokan in Yunokawa Onsen Hot Spring Resort. It’s a little bit away from the major sightseeing spots, but the onsen are much better.

In Yunokawa Onsen I would stay at Hakodate Hotel Banso, since the bathing area looks just amazing!

But one day I also want to stay overnight at Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort. I mean staying at a Ryokan designated for the emperor must be such an incredible (and expensive) experience.

Hakodate Hotels With Onsen

So first let’s look at the best hotels in and around Hakodate with Onsen. The first recommendation is directly in Hakodate, while the other two are located in Yunokawa Onsen.

Yunokawa Hot Spring resort is a 30-minute tram ride away from Hakodate station. So it will take you about 30 – 50 minutes to reach your hotel after arriving in Hakodate.

But! If you are looking for a nice Onsen, it’s definitely worth it!

La Vista Hakodate Bay

La Vista Hakodate Bay | Hotels Hakodate, Hokkaido Where to stay

La Vista Hakodate Bay - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

La Vista Hakodate Bay - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

La Vista Hakodate Bay - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

La Vista Hakodate Bay offers great indoor and outdoor hot-spring baths on the rooftop. You can choose between four different types of bathtubs and enjoy the beautiful bay view. After soaking in the onsen you can cool down eating free ice cream. The hotel is conveniently located between Hakodate Station and Mount Hakodate and it’s close to many major sightseeing spots.

Stay here when you:

  • Are looking for a conveniently located hotel in walking distance to the top tourist attractions
  • Want one of the best hotels with onsen in Hakodate city
  • Like to eat a delicious breakfast with lots of choices
  • Don’t mind a crowded hotel and waiting in line

Luxurious Accommodation: 4-star hotel, Taisho inspired art deco rooms
Location: Bay Area, 1.1 km from JR Hakodate Station (13 min on foot)
Nearby: Kanemori, Morning Market, Motomachi
Price: 15,000円 – ¥¥¥

HotelsCombined: 8.9 Fabulous
“Great Location. Superb Dining.”
Booking.com8.4 Very Good
“View. Breakfast. Hot Spring.”
Hotellook8.6 Wonderful
“Breakfast. Location. Vibe.”
Expedia: 4.4 Excellent!
“Free Wifi. Cleanliness”
Agoda8.9 Excellent
“Sauna. Hot Spring Bath.”

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Hakodate Hotel Banso

Hakodate Hotel Banso | Hotels Hakodate, Hokkaido Where to stay

Hotel Banso - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

Hotel Banso - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

Hotel Banso - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen


Hakodate Hotel Banso is located in Yunokawa Onsen and features an exceptional, large public bath with a wide variety of bathtubs. Besides the standard open-air bath you also have a silky bath, mineral baths, hot tubs. Furthermore, there are three different types of saunas. Not only the onsen but also the breakfast and dinner buffets are a must-try!

Stay here when you:

  • Want to have the ryokan experience at an affordable and modern inn
  • Would like to take your time to relax and to try out different onsen
  • Try to find a place that includes tasty breakfast and dinner
  • But be aware that it’s further away from major sightseeing spots

Luxurious Accommodation: 3-star ryokan, retro modern Japanese style rooms
Location: Yunokawa Onsen, 4 min to closest station, 5.2km from JR Hakodate
Nearby: Ashiyu, Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden, Beach
Price: 14,000円 – ¥¥

HotelsCombined: 8.4 Very Good
“Tasty Breakfast. Liked the Bathroom.”
Booking.com8.7 Fabulous
“Hot Spring. Dinner Buffet.”
Hotellook8.8 Wonderful
“WiFi. Breakfast. Food. Clean.”
Expedia: 4.6 Wonderful!
“Free WiFi and Breakfast.”
Agoda8.6 Excellent
“Hot tub. Steamroom.”

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Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort (Kappa Ryokan Wakamatsu)

Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort | Hotels Hakodate, Hokkaido Where to stay

Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort - Onsen Ryokan Hakodate Hotel Private Onsen

Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort - Onsen Ryokan Hakodate Hotel Private Onsen

Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort - Onsen Ryokan Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

At Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort or Kappa Ryokan Wakamatsu in Yunokawa Onsen you’ll experience the world-class service and dinner of a traditional Japanese inn. The public hot spring is with ocean view, but a little bit small. However, the bigger rooms come with a private jacuzzi on the balcony or a cypress indoor bathtub. Plus, the multi-course Japanese dinner and the hospitality will make for an unforgettable experience.

Stay here when you:

  • Are interested in staying at an authentic ryokan that was designated for the emperor
  • Want to experience world-class hospitality and Japanese Kaiseki cuisine
  • Try to find a hotel with private onsen near Hakodate
  • Are ready to pay the price for such exclusiveness…

Luxury Accommodation: 5-Star Hotel, spacious Japanese-style rooms with ocean view
Location: Yunokawa Onsen, 8 min to closest station, 5.2km from JR Hakodate
Nearby: Beach, Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden, Ashiyu
Price: 30,000円 – ¥¥¥¥

HotelsCombined: 9.3 Superb
“Wonderful Views. Delicious Food.”
Booking.com9.4 Superb
“Sea View. Great Service.”
Hotellook9.2 Excellent
“Spacious. Food. Service.”
Expedia: 4.8 Exceptional!
“Free WiFi. Multilingual Staff.”
Agoda9.3 Exceptional
“Room Comfort and Quality”

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Hakodate Kokusai Hotel

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel | Hotels Hakodate hotels with onsen Hokkaido Where to stay

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel - Hakodate best place to stay

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel - Hakodate Hotel with Onsen

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel is conveniently located in Hakodate Bay and offers spacious rooms. They have been undergoing some renovation work and just opened a hot spring facitlity in December 2018. The hotel has a main tower and two wings that have different interior design. The east wing was reopened in Sep 2018 is now the newer one. The main tower is the newest facility and features Japanese-style rooms with Tatami. So keep that in mind when booking your stay here!

Stay here when you:

  • Are looking for a conveniently located hotel in walking distance to the Morning Market, etc.
  • Want a hotel with new onsen facilities (opened Dec 2018)
  • Like to have extremely spacious rooms
  • Don’t mind that the rooms in the east wing seems to be dated

Luxurious Accommodation: 4-star hotel, new modern Japanese-style rooms
Location: Bay Area, 0.9 km from JR Hakodate Station (10 min on foot)
Nearby: Morning Market,Kanemori, Motomachi
Price: 15,000円 – ¥¥

HotelsCombined: 7.9 Good
“Superb Restaurant. Clean Rooms.”
Booking.com8.0 Very Good
“Big Room. Walking Distance.”
Hotellook8.1 Very Good
“Breakfast. Location. Service.”
Expedia: 3.9 Good!
“Free Wifi. Multilingual Staff.”
Agoda8.2 Excellent
“Great Location. Free Airport Transfer.”

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Hakodate Hotels Near Station

The next three hotels are very close to Hakodate JR station. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to reach your hotel after traveling all the way up north.

Keep in mind that La Vista Hakodate Bay isn’t too far from the station as well.

Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate

Four Points By Sheraton Hakodate | Hakodate, Hokkaido, Best Hotels Hokkaido Where to stay

Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate is right around the corner from Hakodate JR station, a tram station and Hakodate Asaichi. The Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses are in walkable distance and Mount Hakodate as well as Fort Goryokaku are accessible in less than 30 minutes. So when you stay at this renowned hotel chain you can be sure that you have choosen one of the most conveniently located hotels!

Stay here when you:

  • Were looking for one of the best hotels near Hakodate JR station
  • Want to be close to public transportation and the top attractions
  • Would like to eat have an amazing breakfast buffet
  • But it might not live up to Sheraton standards

Superior Accommodation: 4-Star Hotel, classy western-style rooms
Location: 2-minute walk from JR Hakodate station (180m)
Nearby: Station, Morning Market, Red Brick Warehouses
Price: 10,000円 – ¥¥¥

HotelsCombined: 8.2 Very Good
“Great Location. Delicious Breakfast.”
Booking.com8.6 Fabulous
“Excellent Location. Near JR station.”
Hotellook8.6 Wonderful
“Location. Cleanliness. Breakfast.”
Expedia: 4.3 Excellent!
“Free Wifi. Room Cleanliness.”
Agoda8.5 Excellent
“Best Location. Close to station.”

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Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae

Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae | Hotels Hakodate, Hokkaido Hotel with Onsen Where to stay

Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae is just a short 2-minute walk away from Hakodate JR station. Thanks to it’s unbeatable location and the rooftop onsen it is one of the best sellers on Agoda. Furthermore, it’s not only right across from the station, but also less than 5 minutes away from your breakfast at Asaichi and your dinner at Daimon Yokocho.

Stay here when you:

  • Want a hotel that is as close to Hakodate JR station as possible
  • Are trying to find an affordable hotel with onsen
  • Plan to do a lot of sightseeing in Hakodate
  • Don’t mind cramped and older rooms

Economy Accommodation: 3-Star Hotel, basic Japanese-sized rooms
Location: 2-minute walk from JR Hakodate station (140m)
Nearby: Station, Morning Market, Kanemori
Price: 8,000円 – ¥¥

HotelsCombined: 8.0 Very Good
“Great Location. Happy with the Bath.”
Booking.com8.1 Very Good
“Walking Distance. Morning Market”
Hotellook8.1 Very Good
“Location. Wellness Area. Breakfast.”
Expedia: 4.1 Very Good!
“Spa. Restaurant. Free internet.”
Agoda8.4 Excellent
“Hot Spring Bath. Near station.”

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Comfort Hotel Hakodate

Comfort Hotel Hakodate | Hakodate, Hokkaido, Best Hotels Hokkaido Where to stay Budget Hotel

Comfort Hotel Hakodate is the best choice when you want to stay at a hotel in hakodate near the train station, but have a tight budget. After your arrival in Hakodate you’ll be able to reach the hotel in less than 3 minutes. On top of that there is a tram station directly in front of the hotel, so you can easily get to all major sightseeing spots.

Stay here when you:

  • Were planning to stay at a cheap but good hotel near Hakodate JR station
  • Would like to have a tram station directly in front of your hotel
  • Want to get very good value for your money
  • Are used to the small size of hotel rooms in Japan

Budget Accommodation: 3-Star Hotel, typical Japanese business hotel
Location: 3-minute walk from JR Hakodate station (260m)
Nearby: Station, Daimon Yokocho, Morning Market
Price: 6,000円 – ¥¥

HotelsCombined: 8.0 Very Good
“Convenient Location. Great Food Menu.”
Booking.com8.2 Very Good
“Top Location. Near JR station.”
Hotellook8.2 Very Good
“Location. Price/Value. Service.”
Expedia: 4.1 Very Good!
“Breakfast included. Nice Staff.”
Agoda8.4 Excellent
“Located in the heart of Hakodate.”

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Cheap Hostels & Guesthouses

The last recommendations are the right ones for you, if you are looking for the cheapest hotels in Hakodate.

They start from ~2,000円 ($19 or 16€) a night, but have very good ratings on all major booking sites!

Share Hotels Hakoba Hakodate

Share Hotels Hakoba Hakodate - Cheap Budget hotels hostels guest house

Share Hotels Hakoba Hakodate is one of the highest-rated and cheapest hotels in Hakodate. It is a bit further away from the station, but conveniently located between the Red Brick Houses and Mount Hakodate. All the interessting sights in the Motomachi District and the Mt. Hakodate Ropeway are in walkable distance. Check out the stylish interior and the terrace!

Stay here when you:

  • Want a high-end budget hotel with a very stylish, modern design
  • Would like to be able to walk to Mount Hakodate
  • Thirst for tips about local, secret places
  • Don’t need an elevator

Budget Accommodation: 3-Star Hotel, dormitory and nice twin rooms with shared bathroom
Location: Bay Area, 2 min to closest station, 1.5km from JR Hakodate
Nearby: Kanemori, Motomachi, Mount Hakodate Ropeway
Price: 2,500円 – ¥

HotelsCombined: (No rating)
“Walking Distance Mount Hakodate.” 9.4 Superb
“Friendly Staff. Super Clean. Location.”
Hotellook9.3 Excellent
“Very new and clean. Friendly Staff.”
Expedia: 4.7 Exceptional!
“Multilingual Staff. Hotel Condition.”
Agoda: 9.4 Exceptional
“Free WiFi. Service. Cleanliness.”

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Tune Hakodate Hostel & MusicBal

Tune Hakodate Hostel MusicBal - Cheap Budget hotels hostels guest house

Tune Hakodate Hostel & MusicBal is a new hostel located in Yunokawa Onsen that opened in February 2018. The staff is extremely friendly and caring and it’s easy to get in touch with other travellers thanks to the bar on the first floor. However, the best thing is that they have funny events and live performances at night. If you love music, it’s the perfect place!

Stay here when you:

  • Are looking for a cheap and great place to stay in Yunokawa Onsen
  • Want to meet and connect with other travellers
  • Love music and live performances
  • Don’t mind being away from the city center

Budget Accommodation: 2-Star Hotel, dormitory and private rooms with shared bathroom
Location: Yunokawa Onsen, 1 min to closest station, 5.4km from JR Hakodate
Nearby: Ashiyu, Yukura Shrine, Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden
Price: 2,000円 – ¥

HotelsCombined: (No rating)
“Close to Yunokawa Onsen. WiFi.” 8.8 Fabulous
“Friendly Staff. Live Music. Brand New.”
Hotellook8.8 Excellent
“Fun Atmosphere. Nice Staff. Events.”
Expedia: 4.4 Excellent!
“Free WiFi. Service & Staff. Clean.”
Agoda: 9.0 Exceptional
“Free WiFi in all rooms. Coffee Shop.”

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Capsule Hotel Hakodate

Capsule Hotel Hakodate - Cheap Budget hotels hostels guest house

Capsule Hotel Hakodate provides you with a very convenient and cheap base to explore Hakodate. It’s directly next to a tram stop and near Hakodate JR station. Asaichi, the Morning Market, is accessible in about 10 minutes while other top attractions like Fort Goryokaku or Mount Hakodate can be reached in about 30 minutes. If you are interested you can also rent a bicycle for free!

Stay here when you:

  • Are trying to find a cheap and clean hotel in Hakodate
  • Plan to spend the whole day outside sightseeing
  • Would like to explore Hakodate by bicycle

Budget Accommodation: 2-Star Capsule Hotel, standard and superior capsule rooms
Location: Near Station, 1 min to closest station, 0.9km from JR Hakodate
Nearby: Hakodate Station, Morning Market, Daimon Yokocho, Kanemori
Price: 2,300円 – ¥

HotelsCombined: (No rating)
“Free Bicycle Rental. 24-hour Reception.” 9.3 Superb
“Friendly Staff. Super Clean. Near train station.”
TripAdvisor: 4.8 Excellent
“Free hot green tea and barley tea. Lounge.”
Expedia: 4.6 Wonderful!
“WiFi. Laundry. 24/7 Desk. Cleanliness.”
Agoda: 9.5 Exceptional
“Service. Value for Money. Location.”

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Another very popular budget hotel and my last recommendation for Hakodate is the Smile Hotel. However, the rating is lower than for the ones I mentioned above.

I hope you did find a nice hotel for your stay in Hakodate! If you’re interested in hotels with Onsen in Sapporo that use natural spring water check out my new blog post.

Let me know in the comments below and have a nice time in Hakodate!

Also, if you have any questions about the hotels feel free to ask me!

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